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How to Get Umbreon in Pokemon Sun and Moon


Umbreon is a fan-favorite and powerful Dark-type Pokemon that can be obtained in Pokemon Sun and Moon. In this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining Umbreon, including how to evolve its pre-evolution, Eevee, and the optimal strategies for training and utilizing your Umbreon in battles.

Step 1: Obtain Eevee

The first step towards obtaining Umbreon is to acquire an Eevee. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Eevee can be obtained in several locations:

Method 1: Gift in the Game

Eevee can be obtained as a gift from an NPC in the game. One such location is the daycare center on Akala Island. Visit the daycare center and talk to the NPC inside to receive an Eevee.

Method 2: Trade with Other Players

If you have friends or access to online trading, you can try to trade with other players who have Eevee. Look for trading forums, online communities, or use the in-game trading feature to find someone willing to trade their Eevee.

Method 3: Capture in the Wild

Alternatively, you can find Eevee in the wild. It can be encountered as a rare spawn in several locations, such as the grass patches on Route 4 or the Lush Jungle.

Step 2: Evolving Eevee into Umbreon

Now that you have an Eevee, you need to evolve it into Umbreon. Unlike previous generations, happiness is the key factor in evolving Eevee into Umbreon. Follow these steps:

Step 2.1: Increase Eevee's Happiness

To evolve Eevee, you need to increase its happiness. There are several methods to achieve this:

  1. Level Eevee up during the nighttime.
  2. Keep Eevee in your party and gain experience points by battling.
  3. Give Eevee vitamins like Protein or HP Up.
  4. Use friendship-raising items such as Soothe Bell or Luxury Ball.

By utilizing these methods, you can quickly elevate Eevee's happiness.

Step 2.2: Level Eevee Up

Once Eevee's happiness is at a high level, level it up one more time to trigger the evolution. Since Umbreon is a Dark-type, leveling Eevee up during the nighttime is important for the evolution to occur.

Make sure to keep an eye on Eevee's happiness and level it up during the nighttime to successfully obtain Umbreon.

Step 3: Training and Battle Strategies for Umbreon

Congratulations on acquiring Umbreon! Now, let's discuss some training and battle strategies ...

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