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How to Tell if a Pokemon Card is Reverse Holo

Pokemon cards are a popular collectible item among fans of the franchise. One type of card that collectors often seek out is the reverse holo card, which features a holographic design on the card's background. These cards are considered rare and can hold significant value. In this article, we will guide you on how to easily determine if a Pokemon card is a reverse holo or not.

Inspecting the Background

The background of a reverse holo card is the most prominent feature that distinguishes it from regular cards. To determine if a card is reverse holo, do the following:

Step 1: Observe the Background

Hold the card under a bright light source and observe the card's background closely. A reverse holo card will have a shiny, reflective, and holographic design covering the entire background. The holographic pattern creates a mesmerizing effect as you tilt the card in different angles.

Step 2: Look for a Matte Finish

Reverse holo cards usually have a matte finish, unlike regular cards. If the card feels slightly rough or lacks the typical glossy finish, it is likely a reverse holo card. The holographic pattern on the background creates this unique texture.

Examining the Card Image

Aside from the background, you can also examine the card image itself to determine if it is a reverse holo:

Step 3: Analyze the Artwork

Reverse holo cards often have a lighter artwork compared to regular cards. The artwork on these cards tends to be less vibrant or have a faded appearance. This effect is intentional and enhances the contrast between the holographic background and the image on the card.

Step 4: Check for Holographic Elements in the Image

Inspect the card image for any specific holographic elements. Some reverse holo cards may have additional holographic accents on the artwork itself, such as a holographic border, embellishments, or sparkles. These elements further differentiate the card as a reverse holo.

Identifying Reverse Holo Stamp

The last clue to distinguish a reverse holo card is to check for the reverse holo stamp:

Step 5: Locate the Reverse Holo Stamp

Flip the card to its backside and locate the symbol in the lower right corner. If you see the word "REVERSE HOLO" or "RH" clearly printed on the card, it is undoubtedly a reverse holo card. The stamp is often silver or gold in color, providing an additional visual indicator.

By following these steps, you can confidently identify whether a Pokemon card is reverse holo or not. Remember that reverse holo cards are rarer and more valuable, so keep an eye out for them when expanding your collection.

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