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How to Stop Pokemon from Fleeing in Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is a popular augmented reality game that allows players to catch virtual creatures known as Pokemon in real-world locations. One frustrating aspect of the game is when a Pokemon flees before you have the chance to catch it. In this article, we will explore tips and strategies to prevent Pokemon from fleeing in Pokemon Go.

1. Use Razz Berries

Razz Berries are items that can be used to increase the catch rate of Pokemon. When attempting to catch a particularly elusive Pokemon, use a Razz Berry before throwing a Pokeball. This will make the Pokemon more likely to stay and be caught rather than fleeing.

2. Master Your Throw Technique

The way you throw a Pokeball can also impact the catch rate and prevent Pokemon from fleeing. Aim for the center of the target circle that appears around the Pokemon when you attempt to catch it. The smaller the circle, the greater the chance of a successful capture. Practice your throw technique to consistently hit smaller circles and increase your chances of catching the Pokemon.

a. Curveball Throws

Attempting a Curveball throw can also improve your chances of catching a Pokemon. By spinning the Pokeball in a circular motion before throwing, you can add a curve to your throw. This technique not only increases your chances of a successful catch but also awards bonus experience points.

b. Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws

When throwing a Pokeball, pay attention to the timing of your throw. Aim for the circle around the Pokemon to be at its smallest right when you release the ball. If successful, you will receive bonuses for throwing a Nice, Great, or Excellent throw. These bonuses increase the catch rate and reduce the chances of Pokemon fleeing.

3. Increase Your Trainer Level

As you progress in Pokemon Go and increase your Trainer Level, the likelihood of encountering higher-level Pokemon also increases. Higher-level Pokemon are generally more difficult to catch but have a lower flee rate. By leveling up your Trainer Level, you will have more opportunities to catch powerful Pokemon without worrying about them fleeing.

4. Use Ultra Balls and Great Balls

As you encounter rarer and more powerful Pokemon, it is advisable to use better-quality Pokeballs such as Ultra Balls and Great Balls. These balls have a higher catch rate compared to regular Pokeballs, making it less likely for Pokemon to flee. Reserve the use of these balls for particularly valuable or hard-to-catch Pokemon to maximize your chances of success.

5. Wait for Attacking Pokemon to Rest

Sometimes, Pokemon in Pokemon Go may attack or jump around during the catching phase, making it difficult to hit them with a Pokeball. Patience is key in these situations. Wait for the Pokemon to complete its attack animation or wait for it to rest before attempting to throw a Pokeball. By timing your throws well, you can prevent Pokemon from fleeing.

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