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Speedrun Pokemon Yellow - Mastering the Art of Fast Gaming


Welcome to GameHacks, your go-to website for life hacks in the world of video games. In this article, we will guide you through the art of speedrunning Pokemon Yellow. Whether you're a casual player looking to save time or a competitive runner aiming for world records, these tips and tricks will help you master the game.


Before diving into your speedrun attempt, follow these preparatory steps:

1. Study the Game

Take some time to understand the intricacies of Pokemon Yellow. Learn the layout, key mechanics, and important glitches or exploits that can be utilized during speedruns. Watch established speedrunners' videos, study guides, and take notes.

2. Obtain the Necessary Equipment

To optimize your speedrun, consider the following equipment:

  • A Game Boy or Game Boy Color console
  • A reliable game cartridge
  • A recording device to save and analyze your runs

3. Create Save States

Save states are a critical tool in speedrunning. Use your emulator or device's save state feature to create strategic save points throughout the game. Practice each section individually and save accordingly to improve your overall speedrun time.

Route Planning

The route you take in Pokemon Yellow can greatly impact your speedrun time. Here are a few factors to consider during route planning:

1. Gym Leader Order

Choosing the most efficient order to defeat the gym leaders can save significant time. Measure the optimal path by considering your starter Pokemon and the Pokemon type advantages throughout the game.

2. Item Collection

Determine which items are crucial for your speedrun and plan to collect them strategically. Avoid unnecessary detours while ensuring you have enough healing items and Poke Balls to progress smoothly.

3. Minimize Random Battles

Random battles may slow you down, so try to minimize unnecessary encounters. Utilize repel items effectively, take advantageous alternative routes, and learn the Sweet Scent glitch to manipulate Pokemon encounters.

Optimizing Battles

Efficiency during Pokemon battles is crucial to improving your speedrun time. Consider the following tips:

1. Level Manipulation

Manipulating Pokemon levels can be time-saving. Learn about XP thresholds and distribute your experience points efficiently to ensure your team is at an optimal level at key points in the game.

2. Exploiting Pokemon Weaknesses

Grasp the concept of type effectiveness and exploit it wisely in battles. Utilize moves, Pokemon switches, and item usage to maximize your advantage when facing opponents.

3. Navigating Trainer Battles

Master the art of trainer avoidance ...

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