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How to Get Unown Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on obtaining the elusive Unown Pokemon in Pokemon Go! Unown is a rare and unique Pokemon that symbolizes every letter of the alphabet, making it highly sought after by trainers worldwide. In this article, we will discuss various strategies, tips, and tricks to increase your chances of encountering and capturing Unown. Let's dive in!

Understanding Unown's Behavior

Before we jump into specific methods, it's essential to understand the behavior and habits of Unown in Pokemon Go. Unown can only be encountered in the wild during special events or specific locations associated with letters of the alphabet. These locations are typically linked to real-world landmarks like museums, libraries, or historical sites. Unown will appear more frequently in these areas, especially during relevant events or promotions.

Keep in mind that Unown has many different forms, each corresponding to a specific letter of the alphabet. It is important to catch multiple Unown forms to complete your collection, making it even more challenging. Now, let's explore the methods to increase your chances of encountering Unown!

Method 1: Attend Special Events

One of the most reliable ways to find Unown in Pokemon Go is by attending special events organized by Niantic. These events may be region-specific or global. During these events, Unown spawns are usually increased in both frequency and variety. Keep an eye out for any upcoming Pokemon Go events and be sure to participate in them. You might just come across the Unown you've been searching for!

Method 2: Research Local Landmarks

Unown tends to spawn more frequently near landmarks associated with letters of the alphabet. Research your local area or plan a visit to nearby landmarks such as libraries, museums, or parks with historical significance. Some trainers have reported increased Unown sightings in areas with a strong cultural or educational presence. Make sure to explore these locations during events or promotions.

Method 3: Join Pokemon Go Communities

Connecting with fellow trainers through Pokemon Go communities can be beneficial when trying to locate Unown Pokemon. Local communities often share information and sightings of rare Pokemon, including Unown. Check social media platforms, online forums, or community apps for Pokemon Go groups in your area. Collaborating with others increases your chances of obtaining useful tips, locations, and even potential Unown trading opportunities.

Method 4: Utilize Third-party Tracking Tools

If you're particularly determined to catch Unown, you can consider utilizing third-party tracking tools for Pokemon Go. These tools can assist you in locating Unown spawns by providing real-time data on Pokemon sightings, including Unown's different forms. However, keep in mind that the usage of third-party tools is against the game's terms of service, and Niantic may take disciplinary action against accounts found using them.


Capturing Unown in Pokemon Go is a challenging task, but with the right strategies ...

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