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How to Get Umbreon in Pokemon Moon - A Detailed Guide


In Pokemon Moon, evolving Eevee into Umbreon can be a rewarding experience. Umbreon is a Dark-type Pokemon known for its sleek appearance and strong defensive capabilities. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to obtain and evolve Eevee into Umbreon.

Step 1: Obtain an Eevee

Before you can evolve Eevee into Umbreon, you need to first obtain an Eevee in Pokemon Moon. There are a few ways to get an Eevee in the game:

Method 1: Catching Eevee in the Wild

One way to get an Eevee is by catching it in the wild. Eevee can be found in several locations in Pokemon Moon, including:

  • Route 4
  • Route 6
  • Route 8
  • Route 10

Explore these routes and keep an eye out for Eevee. They may appear randomly, so be patient and persistent in your search.

Method 2: Trade with NPCs or Other Players

Eevee can also be obtained by trading with in-game NPCs or other players. Keep an eye out for characters who may be willing to trade their Eevee for another Pokemon. Additionally, you can try connecting with other players online or through local wireless to arrange trades.

Step 2: Leveling Up Eevee with Friendship

Once you have obtained an Eevee, the next step is to raise its friendship level to evolve it into Umbreon. Friendship is a hidden value that increases as you bond with your Pokemon. Here are some tips to increase your Eevee's friendship level quickly:

Tip 1: Keep Eevee in your party

Having Eevee in your party as you progress through the game will help build its friendship. The more battles you participate in and the more you train Eevee, the faster its friendship level will increase.

Tip 2: Use Eevee in Pokemon Refresh

Interacting with Eevee in Pokemon Refresh can also boost its friendship level. Groom, pet, and feed Eevee regularly to show care and affection.

Tip 3: Use Friendship-Increasing Items

There are items you can obtain in Pokemon Moon that will increase your Eevee's friendship. One such item is the Soothe Bell, which can be found in Konikoni City. Attach it to Eevee to accelerate the growth of its friendship.

Step 3: Evolving Eevee into Umbreon

After reaching a high enough friendship level with Eevee, it's time to evolve it into Umbreon. However, the evolution method for ...

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