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How to Get the National Dex in Pokemon Sun and Moon


Pokemon Sun and Moon are exciting games that introduce players to the beautiful Alola region and a whole new set of Pokemon. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter numerous Pokemon species exclusive to Alola. However, if you're a Pokemon completionist, you'll want to obtain the National Dex, which allows you to register Pokemon from all generations. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to obtain the National Dex in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Step 1: Complete the Main Story

The first step to obtaining the National Dex is to complete the main story in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Follow the game's storyline, defeat the island Kahunas, and become the Alola Champion. Along the way, you'll face various challenges and encounter many unique Pokemon exclusive to Alola.

Step 2: Reach the Post-Game

After becoming the Alola Champion, the true adventure begins in the post-game content. Continue playing until you reach the Battle Tree and complete the Elite Four challenge once again. This will unlock further areas and opportunities to encounter more Pokemon and trainers.

Step 3: Capture All Alola Region Pokemon

In this step, you'll need to capture all the Pokemon species available in the Alola region. This includes both regular Pokemon and their evolved forms. Make sure to explore various locations, including routes, caves, and even the waters, as different Pokemon can be found in different areas. Catching Pokemon and completing your Pokedex will be a time-consuming but rewarding process, so make sure to level up your team and gather all the necessary items.

Step 4: Complete Alola Pokedex

Once you've captured all the Pokemon available in the Alola region, you'll need to complete your Alola Pokedex. This means catching all the Pokemon within the Alola region and registering them within your Pokedex. Don't forget to visit the Pokemon Center and talk to the NPC who can provide information about your Pokedex completion progress.

Step 5: Visit Game Freak's Building in Heahea City

After completing the Alola Pokedex, visit Heahea City and locate Game Freak's Building. Inside, you'll find the Game Director. Speak to him, and he will acknowledge your Pokedex completion and award you with the Shiny Charm. The Shiny Charm increases the chances of encountering shiny Pokemon in the wild. This is a valuable item for any dedicated Pokemon trainer.

Step 6: Obtain National Dex

With the Shiny Charm in your possession, return to the Pokemon Center and talk to the same NPC who provided you with Pokedex completion progress updates. They will notice the Shiny Charm and realize that you've completed the Alola Pokedex. Congratulations! You will now receive the National Dex as a reward. This will allow you to register Pokemon from all generations and complete your Pokemon collection.


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