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How to Get Razor Claw in Pokemon Sun


Welcome to our guide on obtaining the Razor Claw in Pokemon Sun! The Razor Claw is a valuable item that is used to evolve specific Pokemon in the game. In this article, we will detail the steps for obtaining the Razor Claw, as well as provide some helpful tips along the way.

Step 1: Fly to the Poni Island

To start the journey towards obtaining the Razor Claw, make sure you have access to the Fly HM. Fly to the Poni Island, located in the Alola Region. This island is the final destination of the main storyline in Pokemon Sun.

Step 2: Locate the Poni Wilds

Once you have reached Poni Island, head towards the Poni Wilds area. You can find this location by navigating south from the Vast Poni Canyon entrance.

Step 3: Encounter Cacturne and Pangoro

In the Poni Wilds, you have a chance to encounter both Cacturne and Pangoro in the tall grass. These Pokemon have a low chance of holding the Razor Claw as a held item.


  • Bring Pokemon with False Swipe or a move that can inflict sleep or paralysis to increase your chances of catching Cacturne or Pangoro.
  • Consider using Repel to repel other wild encounters, improving your odds of encountering Cacturne or Pangoro.
  • Using a Pokemon with the ability Compound Eyes in your party will increase the chance of wild Pokemon holding items.

Step 4: Battle and Capture Cacturne or Pangoro

Once you encounter Cacturne or Pangoro, engage in a battle and defeat them. After defeating them, there is a chance that they will drop the Razor Claw as an item for you to collect.

Step 5: Check your Bag for the Razor Claw

After capturing Cacturne or Pangoro, open your Bag and navigate to the "Items" section. Look for the Razor Claw, which will be listed as "Hold Item". Congratulations, you have successfully obtained the Razor Claw!

Additional Notes:

  • The Razor Claw can also be found as a hidden item in other areas of the game, so keep exploring!
  • Make sure to save your game frequently to avoid losing progress.
  • Be patient, as obtaining the Razor Claw can be a time-consuming process.


Now that you know how to get the Razor Claw in Pokemon Sun, go out and start your hunt for this valuable item. Evolve your Pokemon and experiment with ...

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