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How to Get Gible in Pokemon Violet


Welcome to our guide on how to catch Gible in Pokemon Violet! Gible is a desirable Dragon/Ground-type Pokemon known for its power and potential. This life hack will help you add this remarkable creature to your team.

Step 1: Prepare Your Team

Before embarking on your Gible-catching adventure, make sure your team is adequately prepared. Gible can be found in challenging locations, so having a well-balanced team with a variety of move types is crucial. Additionally, consider having Pokemon that can inflict status conditions like sleep or paralysis to increase your chances of success.

Step 2: Obtain Surf and Strength HM Moves

Gible can only be found in the Hidden Grotto, a secluded area accessible via Surf. Acquire the Surf HM move by defeating the Gym Leader in Cerulean City. Additionally, obtain the Strength HM move, as you'll need it to access certain areas within the Hidden Grotto.

Step 3: Reach the Hidden Grotto

Head to Route 12, located just south of Lavender Town. Once there, navigate your way to the eastern shore, where you'll find a body of water. Use Surf to traverse the water and reach the entrance of the Hidden Grotto.

Step 4: Explore the Hidden Grotto

After reaching the Hidden Grotto, make your way through it. Be prepared for battles with various Pokemon trainers along the way. Utilize your team's strengths and strategies to overcome these challenges and advance further into the grotto.

Step 4.1: Solving Obstacles

Throughout the Hidden Grotto, you'll encounter obstacles that require the Strength HM move. Use Strength to move boulders and clear your path. Solve any puzzles or challenges that may be present to progress towards finding Gible.

Step 5: Locating Gible

Eventually, you'll reach a chamber within the Hidden Grotto where Gible resides. This area may feature additional trainers or challenging wild Pokemon battles before encountering Gible.

Step 6: Catch Gible

Equip a Pokemon with moves that won't knock out Gible easily. Inflict status conditions like sleep or paralysis to increase your chances of success. Weaken Gible's health gradually until it is within the perfect range for capture. Utilize Poke Balls or other appropriate capturing items to catch Gible.

Step 7: Train and Evolve Gible

Now that you've successfully caught Gible, it's time to train and evolve it into its full potential. Make sure to give it appropriate items, teach it powerful moves, and level it up through battles to unlock all of its abilities.

Congratulations on Catching Gible!

Gible is a fantastic addition to any team, thanks ...

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