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How to Get Frost Breath in Pokemon Brick Bronze

Are you playing Pokemon Brick Bronze and trying to get your hands on the powerful Frost Breath move? Look no further! This article will guide you through the steps to acquire Frost Breath and add it to your Pokemon's move set. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Visit Route 12

The first thing you need to do is make your way to Route 12, which can be accessed by taking the Ferry from Vermilion City. Once you reach Route 12, explore the area to encounter Ice-type Pokemon, as they are more likely to have Frost Breath in their move pool.

Step 2: Battle Wild Pokemon

Battle wild Ice-type Pokemon on Route 12 to increase your chances of encountering a Pokemon that knows Frost Breath. Be patient, as it may take several battles to find the right one.

Tip: Use Pokemon with False Swipe

To make your capturing process easier, consider using a Pokemon that knows the move False Swipe. This move brings the wild Pokemon's health down to 1 HP without knocking it out, increasing your chances of successful capture.

Step 3: Capture an Ice-type Pokemon with Frost Breath

Once you encounter a Pokemon that uses Frost Breath during battle, focus on capturing it! Use your preferred capturing method, such as using Ultra Balls or weakening it further with status-inducing moves.

Tip: Bring Status-Inducing Moves or Items

Using moves or items that inflict a status condition, such as Sleep or Freeze, can increase your chances of capturing the Pokemon during the battle. This is especially helpful if the Ice-type Pokemon is at a higher level.

Step 4: Train Your Pokemon

After successfully capturing an Ice-type Pokemon with Frost Breath, add it to your party. Now, it's time to train your Pokemon and level it up to a suitable level.

Tip: Utilize Rare Candies

If you want to level up your Pokemon quickly, consider using Rare Candies. These items instantly boost a Pokemon's level by one, allowing you to speed up the training process.

Step 5: Teach Frost Breath to Your Desired Pokemon

Once your captured Ice-type Pokemon has reached the desired level, head to a Pokemart and purchase a TM for Frost Breath. The TM can be found in different Pokemarts depending on your progress in the game.

Tip: Utilize Move Tutors

If you are unable to find Frost Breath as a TM, check if there are any Move Tutors available in the game. Move Tutors can teach your Pokemon specific moves, including Frost Breath, in exchange for certain items or currencies.

Step 6: Use the TM or Move Tutor on Your Pokemon

With the Frost Breath TM in your possession or after visiting the Move Tutor, select the option to teach the move to your desired Pokemon. Once ...

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