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How to Get Free Revives in Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is an incredibly popular augmented reality mobile game where players can catch, train, and battle virtual creatures called Pokemon. One essential resource in the game is revives, which allow you to revive fainted Pokemon and get them back into battle. While revives can be purchased in the in-game shop, there are also several ways to obtain them for free. In this article, we will explore some reliable methods to get free revives in Pokemon Go.

1. Visit PokeStops and Gyms

PokeStops and Gyms are real-world locations marked on the game's map where players can collect various items. It's always a good idea to visit these locations regularly as they often drop revives along with other useful items like Poke Balls and Potions. When you are near a PokeStop or Gym, simply tap on it and spin the disc that appears on your screen. Revives have a chance to drop from these spins, so make sure to keep an eye out for them!

2. Level Up Your Trainer

As you play Pokemon Go and catch Pokemon, your trainer will gain experience points (XP) and level up. Leveling up your trainer not only unlocks various in-game features but also rewards you with items, including revives. Keep an eye on your XP progress bar at the bottom of the game screen and make sure to complete tasks like catching Pokemon and visiting new PokeStops to earn more XP and level up faster. As you level up, you'll receive revives as part of your rewards.

3. Participate in Raids

Raids are cooperative multiplayer battles against powerful Pokemon, usually taking place at Gyms. By battling and defeating raid bosses, you can earn rewards, including revives. The higher the difficulty level of the raid, the better the chances of receiving multiple revives. Keep an eye on the raid schedule in your area and join forces with other players to tackle raid battles and collect valuable revives.

4. Complete Field Research Tasks

Field Research tasks are missions assigned to players by Professor Willow, typically revolving around catching certain Pokemon, participating in battles, or visiting specific locations. By completing these tasks, you can earn various rewards, including revives. Make sure to check the Field Research tab on the main game screen and look for tasks that reward you with revives. Some tasks may require more effort, but the rewards can be well worth it!

5. Participate in Special Events

Pokemon Go frequently organizes special in-game events, such as community days or themed events tied to real-world holidays. These events often include increased item drops from PokeStops, unique Pokemon spawns, and other bonuses. Take advantage of these events as they can provide excellent opportunities to obtain free revives and other valuable items.


While purchasing revives from the in-game shop can be convenient, there are plenty of ways to obtain them for free in Pokemon Go. By visiting PokeSt ...

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