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How to Get Free Pokemon Cards in the Mail


Welcome, fellow Pokemon trainers! Are you an avid collector looking to expand your card collection? Well, today we have a fantastic life hack for you! In this article, we will guide you on how to get free Pokemon cards delivered right to your mailbox. So sit back, grab your Pokeballs, and let's get started!

1. Join Online Pokemon Card Communities

The first step towards receiving free Pokemon cards is to join online communities and forums where enthusiasts share their collections. These communities often organize giveaways, contests, and trading events. By actively participating and engaging with fellow trainers, you increase your chances of winning or receiving free cards.

2. Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media is a goldmine for Pokemon card enthusiasts. Follow Pokemon card-related accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Many content creators, retailers, and official Pokemon accounts often run promotions, giveaways, and collaborations. By keeping an eye out and engaging with these accounts, you may find opportunities to receive free cards.

2.1. Twitter Hashtags

Keep an eye on popular Twitter hashtags such as #PokemonGiveaway, #FreePokemonCards, and #PokemonContest. Individuals and businesses often use these hashtags when organizing giveaways or promotions.

2.2. Participate in YouTube Giveaways

Many YouTube creators organize Pokemon card giveaways for their subscribers. Make sure to watch their videos, like, comment, and follow their instructions to enter their giveaways. Subscribing to their channels also helps you stay up to date with future opportunities.

3. Attend Local Pokemon Events

Check your local area for Pokemon-related events such as tournaments, game nights, or card trading meetups. Not only will you have a chance to trade with other collectors, but event organizers sometimes offer free cards as incentives to participants or as door prizes.

4. Join Pokemon Card Subscription Boxes

Pokemon card subscription boxes have gained popularity in recent years. These boxes typically contain a variety of Pokemon cards, including exclusive ones. Some subscription box companies offer a referral system where you can earn free boxes or additional cards for every person you refer.

5. Contact Pokemon Card Manufacturers

Reach out to Pokemon card manufacturers and inquire if they offer any promotional campaigns or mailing lists for free cards. While not all manufacturers may provide this service, some occasionally send promotional or sample cards to collectors.


Getting free Pokemon cards in the mail is an exciting way to expand your collection without emptying your wallet. By leveraging online communities, social media platforms, local events, subscription boxes, and contacting manufacturers, you can increase your chances of receiving free cards. Remember to always follow the rules and guidelines set by the organizers and engage positively with the community. Happy ...

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