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How to Get Fly in Pokemon Diamond: A Life Hack Guide


Welcome to our life hack guide on how to obtain Fly in Pokemon Diamond! Fly is an essential move that allows you to quickly travel between cities and areas in the Sinnoh region. In this article, we'll provide you with a detailed step-by-step walkthrough so you can acquire Fly and soar through the game with ease!

Step 1: Obtain the HM02 Fly

The first step in obtaining Fly is to obtain the HM02 Fly. The HM02 Fly is a hidden machine that contains the Fly move.

Location: Veilstone City

Head to Veilstone City, one of the major cities in the Sinnoh region. Veilstone City is located to the east of Route 214.

Once you reach Veilstone City, make your way to the Team Galactic Building in the northeast part of the city.

Inside the Team Galactic Building, you'll need to battle your way through their grunts until you reach the top floor where the Team Galactic Boss, Cyrus, awaits.

Defeat Cyrus in a battle and rescue the Legendary Pokemon, Giratina, from his clutches.

As a reward for saving Giratina, the president of the Team Galactic Building will give you the HM02 Fly.

Step 2: Teach Fly to a Pokemon

Now that you have the HM02 Fly, it's time to teach it to a Pokemon. Fly can be taught to any compatible Pokemon in your party.

1. Open the Main Menu

Press the X button on your Nintendo DS to open the main menu.

2. Select the Pokemon

Select the Pokemon you want to teach Fly to from your party by scrolling to their position and pressing the A button.

3. Choose "Moves"

In the Pokemon's summary screen, choose the "Moves" option.

4. Select an available move slot

Select an available move slot that you want to replace with Fly.

5. Choose "Fly"

Scroll through the available moves and select Fly from the list.

6. Confirm the move replacement

Confirm the move replacement when prompted. Your Pokemon will now learn the Fly move.

Step 3: Flying in Pokemon Diamond

With Fly taught to a Pokemon in your party, you can now use it to fly to different locations in the game.

1. Exit the building or area you are in

Exit the building or area you are currently in and stand outside.

2. Open the Main Menu

Press the X button on your Nintendo DS to open the main menu.

3. Select "Pokemon"

Close Menu