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How to Get All Legendary Pokemon in Sun and Moon


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to obtain all the legendary Pokemon in the popular video games, Pokemon Sun and Moon. In this article, we will provide you with detailed instructions and strategies to help you catch all these incredible and rare creatures.

1. Solgaleo and Lunala

The first two legendary Pokemon you can encounter and catch in Sun and Moon are Solgaleo (Psychic/Steel type) and Lunala (Psychic/Ghost type). The method to obtain them is relatively straightforward:

1.1 Step 1: Progress Through the Main Story

Continue playing the main story until you reach the Altar of the Sunne in Pokemon Sun or the Altar of the Moone in Pokemon Moon. You will encounter the legendary Pokemon at this point in the game.

1.2 Step 2: Battle and Capture

Engage in a battle with Solgaleo or Lunala, depending on the version of the game you're playing. We recommend weakening the legendary Pokemon before attempting to capture it. Once weak, throw Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls to increase the chances of a successful capture.

2. Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini

The next set of legendary Pokemon you can catch in Sun and Moon consists of the Tapu quartet, who are all Fairy type. The steps to obtain them are as follows:

2.1 Step 1: Become Champion of Alola

You need to defeat the Elite Four and become the champion of the Alola region first. This achievement will unlock the path to the next step.

2.2 Step 2: Travel to the Ruins

After becoming the champion, journey to each of the four islands' ruins (in the correct order): Tapu Koko can be found at the Ruins of Conflict, Tapu Lele at the Ruins of Life, Tapu Bulu at the Ruins of Abundance, and Tapu Fini at the Ruins of Hope.

2.3 Step 3: Complete the Island Trials

At each ruin, you will need to complete the corresponding island's grand trial or trials. This usually involves battling powerful trainers and solving puzzles.

2.4 Step 4: Battle and Capture

After completing the trials, each Tapu Pokemon will challenge you to a battle. Defeat them in battle, weaken them, and capture them using Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls.

3. Cosmog, Cosmoem, and Nebby

The next set of legendary Pokemon consists of Cosmog (Psychic type), Cosmoem (Psychic/Steel type), and Nebby (Psychic type). Follow these steps to add them to your collection:

3 ...

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