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How to Cut Down Trees in Pokemon Emerald


Do you ever find yourself blocked by trees while playing Pokemon Emerald? Well, fear not! We have some handy life hacks for you to easily cut down those trees and continue your journey without any hindrance. Read on to discover how to remove obstacles in your path and make progress in the game.

What is "Cut" in Pokemon Emerald?

"Cut" is a powerful HM move that allows you to clear trees and other obstacles obstructing your path in the game. Once you obtain the HM Cut, you can teach it to a Pokemon and use it outside of battles to cut down trees.

Acquiring the HM Cut

The HM Cut can be obtained by finding the third gym badge in Rustboro City. Once you defeat the Rustboro City Gym Leader, Roxanne, she will reward you with the HM Cut.

Teaching the HM Cut to a Pokemon

To use the HM Cut outside of battles, you need to teach it to a Pokemon on your team. Here's how:

Step 1: Open the Main Menu

Press the "Start" button on your Game Boy Advance to open the main menu.

Step 2: Select the "Pokemon" option

Navigate to the "Pokemon" option using the directional buttons and press the "A" button to select it.

Step 3: Choose the Pokemon

Select the Pokemon from your team that you want to teach the HM Cut to by scrolling through the available options using the directional buttons.

Step 4: Select "Moves"

Once you've chosen the Pokemon, select the "Moves" option from the list of options displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Choose a Slot

Select a free move slot that you're willing to replace with Cut. Keep in mind that once you teach Cut to a Pokemon, it cannot be unlearned, so choose carefully.

Step 6: Replace the Move

Select the move you want to replace with Cut and confirm your choice when prompted. The HM Cut will now be taught to the chosen Pokemon.

Using Cut in the Game

Now that you have taught Cut to a Pokemon, you can use it to cut down trees and open up new paths in Pokemon Emerald. Here's how:

Step 1: Approach a Tree

When you encounter a tree blocking your path, make sure the Pokemon that knows Cut is in your active party.

Step 2: Interact with the Tree

Press the "A" button to interact with the tree. A message will pop up, asking if you want to use Cut to remove the tree.

Step 3: Confirm and Cut

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