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How to Make a Ghazt in My Singing Monsters


Are you a fan of My Singing Monsters? Looking to add the incredibly rare and mesmerizing Ghazt to your collection? Look no further! In this article, we will walk you through the steps to make a Ghazt in My Singing Monsters. Follow these detailed instructions and soon you'll be delighting in the hauntingly beautiful melodies of this mysterious creature.

Step 1: Unlocking the Required Monsters

To make a Ghazt, you'll need to unlock and breed certain monsters in My Singing Monsters. These creatures include the Entbrat, T-Rox, and Bowgart. Make sure you have these monsters available in your ethereal island.

Unlocking the Entbrat

The Entbrat can be unlocked by purchasing it from the Market for 5,000 coins. Place it on your island and wait for it to hatch.

Unlocking the T-Rox

The T-Rox can also be purchased from the Market for 50 diamonds. Once you have it, place it on your island alongside the Entbrat.

Unlocking the Bowgart

Unlocking the Bowgart requires you to breed two monsters on your island. Breed the Entbrat and T-Rox together to create a Bowgart. This process may take some time, so be patient.

Step 2: Creating the Ghazt

Now that you have the required monsters, it's time to start breeding them to make the Ghazt.

Combining the Entbrat and T-Rox

Place the Entbrat and T-Rox in the same breeding structure, such as the Breeding Tree or the Breeding Mountain. Wait for the breeding process to complete, which can take several hours.

Hatching the Bowgart Egg

Once the breeding process is complete, you will receive a Bowgart egg. Move the egg to the Nursery and wait for it to hatch. This can also take some time, so be patient.

Breeding the Bowgart and Entbrat

Take the hatched Bowgart and breed it with the Entbrat. Again, place them in a breeding structure and wait for the process to complete.

Step 3: Enjoying Your Ghazt

Congratulations! After successfully breeding the Bowgart and Entbrat, you will receive a Ghazt egg. Move the egg to the Nursery and wait for it to hatch into a magnificent Ghazt. Once hatched, place the Ghazt on your island and enjoy its hauntingly beautiful melody.


Creating a Ghazt in My Singing Monsters is a challenging process, but with the right combination of monsters and patience, you can achieve this rare and magical creature. Follow the detailed ...

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