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How to Get Punkleton in My Singing Monsters


Are you a fan of My Singing Monsters and want to add the unique Punkleton monster to your collection? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining the elusive and rare Punkleton in My Singing Monsters.

Understanding Punkleton

Punkleton is a Limited-Time Seasonal Monster in My Singing Monsters. It is only available during the spooky season around Halloween, typically from October 15th to November 15th. Punkleton is known for its distinctive appearance and haunting melodies.

Requirements to Unlock Punkleton

Unlocking Punkleton requires a combination of specific monsters and certain conditions in your game. Let's take a look at what you need:

Breeding Combinations

To obtain Punkleton, you will need to breed two specific monsters together in a breeding structure. Here are the breeding combinations that can result in a Punkleton:

Combination 1:

Breed a T-Rox and a Bowgart monster together in the breeding structure. The breeding time for this combination is 12 hours.

Combination 2:

Breed a PomPom and a Bowgart monster together in the breeding structure. The breeding time for this combination is also 12 hours.

Enhancing Your Chances

While the breeding combinations mentioned above give you a chance to obtain Punkleton, there are a few additional steps you can take to increase your odds:

Upgrade Breeding Structure:

Upgrade your breeding structure to the highest level possible. Higher-level breeding structures provide enhanced breeding chances for rare monsters, including Punkleton.

Time Your Breeding:

Start the breeding process at night in the game. Certain monsters have a higher chance of being bred during nighttime, and this may improve your chances of getting a Punkleton.

Hatching and Placing Punkleton

Once you have successfully bred a Punkleton, it's time to hatch the egg and give your new monster a cozy home. Follow these steps:


Wait for the breeding process to complete, and the egg will appear in the breeding structure. Tap on the egg to hatch it, and the Punkleton will emerge.


To place the Punkleton on your island, tap and hold the monster and drag it to your desired location. The Punkleton will start singing its unique melodies once placed.


Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge to obtain the rare and spooky Punkleton monster in My Singing Monsters. Remember, Punkleton is only available during the Halloween season, so keep an eye out and try out different breeding combinations to maximize your chances. Enjoy the haunting tunes and have fun expanding your monster collection!

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