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How to Make Yool in My Singing Monsters (MSM)


In the popular mobile game My Singing Monsters (MSM), Yool is a rare Seasonal Monster that players strive to obtain. Yool is only available during the holiday season, making it a highly sought-after creature. In this article, we will share some detailed tips and tricks on how to make Yool and add this unique monster to your collection.

1. Level Up your Cold Island

To increase your chances of attracting a Yool, you need to level up your Cold Island. Collecting and placing the available Cold Island structures, such as the Cold Castle and Thumpies' Hut, will help create a more suitable environment for Yool to appear.

2. Breed Rare Thumpies

Thumpies' Hut is an essential structure on Cold Island, and breeding rare Thumpies increases the likelihood of attracting a Yool. To breed rare Thumpies, you need to ensure that you have a combination of any four-element monsters and use the breeding structure on Cold Island.

2.1 Breeding Combination for Rare Thumpies

The recommended breeding combination to obtain rare Thumpies is: Tweedle (any level) + Mammott (any level).

3. Feed Your Monsters

Maintaining a high level of happiness and hunger among your Cold Island monsters is crucial. Ensure you have a good supply of food to feed your monsters regularly. Feeding your monsters increases their chances of successful breeding and attracting rarer monsters like Yool.

4. Use Torch Placement for Optimal Results

Strategic placement of torches on Cold Island can also improve your chances of making Yool. By placing torches near breeding structures or areas where your rare Thumpies are located, you create a more appealing atmosphere for Yool to visit.

5. Utilize Wublins

Wublins, the mystical creatures found on various islands in MSM, can also aid in attracting Yool. By activating and using Wublins on Cold Island, you can unlock their powers and increase the likelihood of Yool appearing. Experiment with different Wublin combinations to find the most effective strategy.


By following these tips and tricks, you increase your chances of making Yool in My Singing Monsters. Remember to level up your Cold Island, breed rare Thumpies, keep your monsters well-fed, strategically place torches, and utilize the powers of Wublins. With persistence and patience, you will soon add Yool to your collection of unique monsters. Happy gaming!

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