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How to Breed Shrubb in My Singing Monsters


Welcome to our guide on breeding Shrubb in My Singing Monsters! Shrubb is a delightful monster with a charming appearance and a lovely voice. By following the right breeding combination and using some helpful tips and tricks, you'll have a Shrubb in no time!

What is Shrubb?

Shrubb is a natural element monster in My Singing Monsters. It belongs to the Plant Island and Cold Island, meaning you can breed it in either of these two locations. Shrubb is readily available and serves as an excellent starter monster for your singing island.

Breeding Combination for Shrubb

To breed a Shrubb, you need to use a combination of two specific monsters in the breeding structure. Follow these steps to increase your chances of a successful breeding:

Step 1: Check Your Available Monsters

Ensure that you have the required monsters for breeding Shrubb. For a Shrubb, you will need a Toe Jammer and a Potbelly.

Step 2: Creating the Breeding Structure

Go to the Breeding Structure on your Singing Monster Island, and make sure it is empty and available for use.

Step 3: Placing the Monsters

Drag and drop the required monsters, a Toe Jammer and a Potbelly, into the Breeding Structure simultaneously. Ensure both monsters are present before proceeding.

Step 4: Waiting for Results

Once the breeding process has begun, you'll need to be patient. Breeding times in My Singing Monsters can vary, but typically they take around 30 minutes to complete. Keep an eye on the Breeding Structure, and soon you'll have your very own Shrubb egg!

Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Use Torch to Increase Chances

Lighting a Torch in the Cold Island can increase your chances of getting a Shrubb. Torches enhance the breeding odds for all monsters on the respective island where the Torch is lit. So, make sure to light the Torch on either Plant Island or Cold Island to raise your likelihood of breeding a Shrubb.

2. Engage in Tribal Island Activities

Participating in Tribal Island activities with your friends can provide you with rare and exclusive monsters. Some of these special monsters can be used in breeding combinations to acquire unique variations of Shrubb.

3. Experiment with Different Breeding Combinations

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