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Life Hacks: How to Breed Schmoochle in My Singing Monsters


My Singing Monsters is a popular mobile game where players create and manage their own musical monster paradise. One of the most sought-after creatures in this game is the adorable Schmoochle. In this article, we will explore the detailed steps to successfully breed a Schmoochle, along with some helpful tips to increase your chances.


  • Level 9 or above in the game
  • Access to the Air Island
  • Purchase and place a Wubbox on Air Island
  • Have at least four 3-element monsters on Air Island

Breeding Process

Step 1: Establish a Suitable Environment

To begin, ensure that your Air Island is properly set up with appropriate structures and decorations. Providing a pleasing environment will boost the chances of attracting a Schmoochle.

Step 2: Activate Wubbox

Once your Air Island is ready, activate the Wubbox by collecting enough coins to power it up. The Wubbox will play an essential role in the breeding process.

Step 3: Place Four 3-Element Monsters on Air Island

As mentioned before, you'll need at least four 3-element monsters on your Air Island. Some examples of 3-element monsters include Pango, Reedling, and Clamble. Place these monsters strategically to enhance the breeding chances.

Step 4: Time Your Breeding

Schmoochle has a unique breeding combination that requires specific breeding times. Start breeding during a specific time window, which changes every day. You may find the timing by observing patterns or consulting the official My Singing Monsters online communities and forums.

Step 5: Breed the Combination

Using your four 3-element monsters, try to breed a combination that includes the combination of any Furcorn variant and a Rare Wubbox. Breeding times may vary, so be patient and keep trying until the breeding process is successful.

Step 6: Hatch and Nurture

Once the breeding process is complete, you will have an egg. Hatch the egg in the Nursery, and voila! Your very own Schmoochle will be born. Provide it with sufficient food, attention, and love to help it thrive in your monster paradise.

Tips and Tricks

  • Upgrade your Wubbox to increase breeding success chances.
  • Try experimenting with different combinations of 3-element monsters to ...
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