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How to Breed Dandidoo on Earth Island


Welcome to our life hacks website dedicated to video game enthusiasts! In this article, we will guide you through the process of breeding Dandidoo on Earth Island, a popular monster in the game.


Before you can begin breeding Dandidoo, make sure you have met the following requirements:

  • Reached level 4 in the game
  • Unlocked and purchased the Earth Island
  • Have a minimum of two different monsters on Earth Island

Breeding Combination

To breed a Dandidoo on Earth Island, you will need to use a specific combination of monsters in the Breeding Structure. The combination consists of:

  • Quibble (Level 4) - An essential monster needed for breeding Dandidoo.
  • Tweedle (Level 4) - Another crucial element in the breeding process.

Place Quibble and Tweedle into the Breeding Structure and wait for the specified breeding time to elapse.

Breeding Time

The breeding time for Dandidoo is 12 hours. You will need to wait patiently until the breeding process is complete.


Once the breeding time has elapsed, you will have an egg in your Nursery. Tap on the egg to hatch your new Dandidoo!


Congratulations! You have successfully bred a Dandidoo on Earth Island. Keep in mind that breeding monsters in video games often relies on chance, so it may take several attempts before you are successful. Don't get discouraged and keep trying! Dandidoo is a joyous monster to have on your Earth Island and will bring a melodious tune to your game.

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