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How to Breed a Yool on Cold Island


If you are a fan of the popular mobile game My Singing Monsters, you might be familiar with the elusive Yool creature. The Yool is a limited edition monster that can only be bred during the "Yoolidays" season, and it can be quite challenging to breed. In this guide, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to breed a Yool on Cold Island.

Step 1: Unlocking Cold Island

Before you can start breeding a Yool, you need to unlock Cold Island. To do this, you must reach level 9 in the game and upgrade your Castle to level 4. Once you have accomplished this, Cold Island will become available for you to purchase.

Step 2: Creating Suitable Habitats

Yools require specific habitat arrangements to increase the chances of successful breeding. Follow these steps to create suitable habitats:

2.1: Purchase and Place the Required Structures

On Cold Island, purchase and place the following structures:

  • 1x Cold Island Breeding Structure
  • 1x Cold Island Nursery
  • 1x Cold Island Wish Torch

2.2: Positioning the Structures

Arrange the structures in a triangle shape, with the Cold Island Breeding Structure at the top point, the Cold Island Wish Torch on the left bottom corner, and the Cold Island Nursery on the right bottom corner.

Step 3: Supervise the Breeding Process

Now that you have created the suitable habitat, it's time to start the breeding process:

3.1: Use Compatible Monsters

Place any three monsters from the list below into the Cold Island Breeding Structure:

  • PomPom
  • Tweedle
  • Hoola
  • Schmoochle

3.2: Use Special Occasion

Change the breeding structure to "Special Occasion" mode by selecting the checkbox next to the Cold Island Nursery. This will increase your chances of breeding a Yool during the Yoolidays.

Step 4: Patience and Persistence

Breeding a Yool can take time and multiple attempts. Be patient and persistent in your breeding efforts. Continue to try different combinations of monsters in the Cold Island Breeding Structure until you successfully breed a Yool.


Breeding a Yool on Cold Island requires unlocking the island, creating suitable habitats, supervising the breeding process with compatible monsters, and exercising patience and persistence. Follow these steps during the Yoolidays season to increase your chances of breeding this limited edition monster. Happy breeding!

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