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How to Breed a Yool in My Singing Monsters


Welcome to our guide on breeding a Yool in My Singing Monsters! Yool is a rare and festive monster that is only available to breed during the festive season. Follow these steps closely, and you'll have a Yool singing and dancing in your musical island in no time!

Step 1: Create the Required Elements

In order to breed a Yool, you will need the following elements on your island:

  • Cold Island
    • Toe Jammer
    • Pango
  • Earth Island
    • Thumpies
    • Shrubb

Step 2: Level Up Monsters

Make sure your Toe Jammer, Pango, Thumpies, and Shrubb are all at least level 4 or higher. This will increase your chances of breeding a Yool.

Step 3: Arrange Your Islands

Place your Cold Island and Earth Island close together to increase the likelihood of successful breeding. Ensuring the proper proximity can greatly enhance your breeding results.

Step 4: Breeding Combination

Now that you have the required elements and leveled up monsters, it's time to start breeding! Place your Toe Jammer and Pango monsters on Cold Island, then breed them using any available breeding structure. Similarly, place your Thumpies and Shrubb on Earth Island and breed them together using a breeding structure as well.

Cold Island Breeding

Breeding Combination: Toe Jammer + Pango

Earth Island Breeding

Breeding Combination: Thumpies + Shrubb

Step 5: Hatch and Wait

Once you have successfully bred the required combinations, you will need to wait for the breeding time to finish. The breeding time for a Yool is approximately 28 hours or 1 day and 4 hours, so be patient!

Step 6: Place and Enjoy Your Yool

Once the breeding time has elapsed, you will finally have a Yool monster egg. Hatch the egg and place your brand new Yool on your desired island. You can now enjoy the festive songs and melodies brought by this unique monster in My Singing Monsters!


Congratulations on breeding a Yool in My Singing Monsters! It may require patience and proper planning, but the joy of having such a festive and rare monster is well worth the effort. Enjoy the beautiful songs and festivities brought by your Yool, and don't forget to explore other amazing life hacks for video games on our website!

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