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Minecraft: How to Train Your Dragon Server


Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world, known for its endless possibilities and open-world sandbox gameplay. With the addition of modding support, players have created various servers with unique themes and gameplay mechanics. One of the most remarkable servers is the "How to Train Your Dragon" server, based on the beloved DreamWorks animated film franchise. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to join and enjoy this immersive Minecraft server.

Step 1: Installing the Required Mods

To access the "How to Train Your Dragon" server, you need to install specific mods in your Minecraft client. Follow these instructions:

1.1 Download and Install Forge

Forge is a mod loader that allows you to run custom Minecraft mods. Visit the official Forge website ( and download the installer for the recommended version compatible with your Minecraft client. Once downloaded, run the installer and select "Install Client". This will create a new Forge profile in your Minecraft launcher.

1.2 Download and Install Dragon Mounts Mod

The Dragon Mounts mod is the key component that brings the "How to Train Your Dragon" experience to Minecraft. Search for the Dragon Mounts mod download on popular Minecraft mod websites, such as CurseForge or Planet Minecraft. Be sure to download the compatible version for the Forge profile you created.

Once downloaded, open your Minecraft launcher and select the Forge profile. Open the Minecraft directory by clicking on "Edit Profile" and finding the "Game Directory" option. Place the Dragon Mounts mod file in the "mods" folder within the game directory. Restart your Minecraft launcher to load the mod successfully.

Step 2: Joining the Server

Now that you have the required mods installed, it's time to join the "How to Train Your Dragon" server:

2.1 Launch Minecraft with Forge Profile

Open your Minecraft launcher and select the Forge profile you created during the mod installation process. This ensures that the Dragon Mounts mod is loaded when joining the server.

2.2 Server IP and Connection

Visit the official website or community forums of the "How to Train Your Dragon" server to find the server IP address. Copy the IP address and open Minecraft. Once in the main menu, click on "Play Multiplayer" and then "Add Server". Paste the server IP address in the designated field and click "Done".

2.3 Join the Server

After adding the server, it should appear in your server list. Simply select the server and click "Join Server" to connect to the "How to Train Your Dragon" server.

Step 3: Gameplay on the Server...

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