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How to Mod Minecraft 1.8.7


Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to create and explore virtual worlds. One of the great things about Minecraft is the ability to customize and modify the game to suit your preferences. This article will guide you through the process of modding Minecraft 1.8.7, which will enhance your gameplay experience and offer new features and content.

Step 1: Ensure Minecraft is Updated to 1.8.7

Before you can start modding, make sure you have Minecraft version 1.8.7 installed on your computer. If you have an older version, update it by opening the Minecraft launcher and selecting the 'Edit Profile' option. From there, choose 'Use version' and select 1.8.7.

Step 2: Install Minecraft Forge

In order to properly mod Minecraft 1.8.7, you will need to install Minecraft Forge. Forge is a modding platform that allows for easy installation and management of mods. Start by visiting the official Minecraft Forge website ( and download the compatible version for Minecraft 1.8.7.

Step 2.1: Install Forge Client

Locate the downloaded Forge installer file and double-click on it to launch the installer. Make sure to choose the 'Install Client' option and click 'OK' to begin the installation process. Forge will automatically install the necessary files and create a new profile in your Minecraft launcher.

Step 2.2: Verify Successful Installation

Once the installation is complete, open your Minecraft launcher and you should now see a new profile named 'Forge'. Select this profile and click 'Play' to ensure that Forge was installed correctly. If Minecraft launches without any issues, then Forge has been successfully installed.

Step 3: Find and Download Mods

Now that you have Minecraft Forge installed, it's time to find and download the mods you want to add to the game. There are numerous websites and forums that offer Minecraft mods, such as CurseForge ( or Planet Minecraft ( Browse through these platforms and search for mods compatible with Minecraft 1.8.7.

Step 3.1: Mod Compatibility

Make sure to check the compatibility of each mod with Minecraft 1.8.7. Some mods may require specific versions of Forge or other dependencies. Read the mod descriptions and user reviews to ensure that the mod will work properly with your game version.

Step 3.2: Download Mods

Once you find a desirable mod, click on the download button to save the mod file to your computer.

Step 4: Install Mods

To install the downloaded mods, follow these steps:

Step 4. ...

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