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How to Mod Minecraft 1.13.2


If you're looking to enhance your Minecraft experience, mods can be a great way to add new features, improve gameplay, and explore endless possibilities. In this article, we will guide you through the process of modding Minecraft 1.13.2.


1. Minecraft Forge

The first step to modding Minecraft 1.13.2 is to install Minecraft Forge. Minecraft Forge is an open-source modding platform that provides the necessary tools and compatibility for other mods to work. You can download Minecraft Forge from the official website (

2. Minecraft 1.13.2

Make sure you have Minecraft version 1.13.2 installed on your computer. You can update your Minecraft version through the Minecraft launcher.

Mod Installation

1. Find Mods

Visit trusted modding websites or forums to find the mods you're interested in. Popular websites include CurseForge ( and Planet Minecraft (

2. Download Mods

Download the mod files (.jar or .zip) for Minecraft 1.13.2. Make sure to download mods that are compatible with the version of Minecraft you're using.

3. Locate Minecraft Folder

Open your Minecraft installation folder. On Windows, you can usually find it at:


On Mac, navigate to:

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

On Linux, the folder location may vary but is often:


4. Create Mods Folder

Inside the Minecraft folder, create a new folder called "mods" (if it doesn't already exist).

5. Install Mods

Copy the downloaded mod files into the "mods" folder.

6. Run Minecraft

Launch the Minecraft launcher and select the Forge profile. Make sure to choose the correct version corresponding to the mods you've installed.

7. Verify Installation

Once in the game, check the main menu to see if the mods are listed as successfully loaded. You can also test them out in a new or existing world.


Modding Minecraft 1.13.2 can bring an incredible amount of variety and excitement to your gaming experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you're now equipped to explore a whole new world of possibilities in Minecraft.

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