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How to Fix a Fishing Rod in Minecraft


In Minecraft, fishing rods are a valuable tool for catching fish, treasure, and other items. However, like any tool, they can wear down and break over time. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to fix a fishing rod in Minecraft, ensuring that you never run out of fishing fun!

Materials Needed

  • An anvil
  • Experience points (XP)
  • Enchanted Books (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Gather Experience Points (XP)

In order to fix a fishing rod, you will need experience points (XP). XP can be obtained in various ways, such as killing mobs, mining ores, or breeding animals. The amount of XP required to fix a fishing rod depends on its durability.

Step 2: Obtain an Anvil

Once you have enough XP, you will need to acquire an anvil. Anvils can be crafted using three iron blocks and four iron ingots. You can also find anvils in villages or abandoned mineshafts.

Step 3: Place the Fishing Rod in the Anvil

Right-click on the anvil to open its interface. Drag and drop the damaged fishing rod into the first slot of the anvil's input section.

Step 4: Add Repair Materials (optional)

If you have any enchanted books that you would like to use to repair your fishing rod or add enchantments to it, place them in the second slot of the anvil's input section. This step is optional, but it can improve the fishing rod's durability or add beneficial enchantments.

Step 5: Repair the Fishing Rod

In the anvil's output section, you will see the repaired fishing rod along with an XP cost displayed next to it. If you are satisfied with the repair cost and the fishing rod's condition, click on the output section to retrieve the repaired fishing rod.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you have multiple damaged fishing rods, you can combine them in the anvil to save on XP costs.
  • Enchanting books can also be used to repair other enchanted items, such as armor or tools.
  • Be mindful of the XP cost while repairing. If the fishing rod is nearing its end of life, it might be more efficient to craft a new one instead of repairing it.


Fixing a fishing rod in Minecraft is a straightforward process that requires an anvil, experience points ...

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