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How to Do Split Screen on Minecraft PS4


Adding split screen functionality to your Minecraft gameplay on PS4 can enhance the overall multiplayer experience and allow you to have fun with friends and family. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps required to set up split screen functionality on your PS4 for Minecraft.

Step 1: Required Equipment

Before getting started, make sure you have the following:

  • A PlayStation 4 console
  • Minecraft game disc or digital download
  • Two PlayStation 4 controllers
  • A compatible HDMI cable
  • A television or monitor with multiple HDMI ports

Step 2: Connect the PS4 Console

Connect your PS4 console to your television or monitor using the HDMI cable. Ensure that the console and your TV are powered on.

Step 3: Launch Minecraft

Insert the Minecraft game disc into your PS4 console, or select the digital download from your library. Launch the game by selecting it from the PlayStation home screen.

Step 4: Set Up the Second Controller

Ensure that your second controller is turned on and synced with your PS4 console. To pair the second controller, press and hold the PlayStation button on the controller until the light bar blinks.

Step 5: Sign In Second Player

In the Minecraft main menu, sign in the second player with a different PlayStation Network account. If the second player doesn't have an account, create one by selecting "Create New Account" and follow the prompts.

Step 6: Activating Split Screen

Once both players are signed in, select the game mode you want to play (e.g., Creative, Survival, etc.). On the game options screen, scroll down until you see a "Multiplayer" option, and make sure it is enabled.

Next, scroll further down until you find "Split Screen" option and enable it. This will activate split screen mode for your Minecraft game.

Step 7: Adjust Split Screen Options

Select "Options" from the game menu and navigate to the "Video" settings. Here you can adjust the split screen orientation (horizontal or vertical) and choose the preferred display options for both players.

Step 8: Start Playing!

After configuring the split screen options to your liking, exit the settings menu and start playing Minecraft in split screen mode. You and the second player can now enjoy and explore the Minecraft world together!

Additional Tips

  • Ensure that both controllers are adequately charged ...
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