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How to Lower Roof in GTA 5 PS4


GTA 5 on the PS4 offers a vast open-world environment where players can explore, race, and enjoy various activities. One of the exciting features in the game is the ability to customize vehicles, including lowering the roof of convertible cars. Lowering the roof can add a touch of style and make your ride stand out among others. In this article, we will guide you on how to lower the roof in GTA 5 on the PS4.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Identify a Convertible Car

The first step is to find a convertible car in GTA 5. Convertible cars have retractable roofs that can be lowered or raised. Look for vehicles like the Obey 9F Cabrio, Benefactor Surano, or Pfister Comet. These cars are typically found in affluent areas or can be purchased from in-game vehicle websites.

Step 2: Approach the Vehicle

Once you have found a convertible car, approach it by walking or running towards it. You can also drive another vehicle and park it next to the convertible if you prefer.

Step 3: Enter the Vehicle

Press the triangle button on your PS4 controller to enter the convertible car. This action will allow you to take control of the vehicle.

Step 4: Activate Roof Controls

Once inside the vehicle, locate the roof control option. Press and hold the triangle button again to activate the roof control. The roof control option may vary depending on the exact vehicle model you are using.

Step 5: Lower the Roof

After activating the roof control, you will have the option to lower or raise the roof. Use the directional buttons on your PS4 controller to select the "Lower Roof" option. Press the X button to confirm your selection.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Ride

With the roof successfully lowered, you can now enjoy a breezy ride through the streets of Los Santos. Feel the wind in your hair and revel in the attention your stylish convertible car will attract.


Lowering the roof of a convertible car in GTA 5 PS4 adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your gameplay experience. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to lower the roof on your convertible vehicle and enjoy the cool breeze as you cruise around the sprawling open-world environment of GTA 5. Have fun exploring and customizing your vehicles!

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