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How to Get the Stone Hatchet in GTA

GTA, also known as Grand Theft Auto, is a highly popular video game series that allows players to explore an open-world environment and engage in various criminal activities. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to obtain the Stone Hatchet weapon in GTA.

Step 1: Initiate the Stone Hatchet Challenge

To get the Stone Hatchet in GTA, you need to complete a special challenge. This challenge is only available in Grand Theft Auto Online. Make sure you have an internet connection and access to GTA Online before proceeding.

1. Launch GTA Online

Start by opening the GTA game on your gaming console (PlayStation, Xbox, or PC). Connect to the internet if you haven't already, and select GTA Online from the main menu.

2. Visit Maude Eccles

In GTA Online, locate and visit Maude Eccles. She is a character that can be found in several different locations throughout the game, such as her house in Sandy Shores or her office in Grapeseed. You can use the in-game map or follow mission markers to find her.

Step 2: Complete the Bounty Hunting Missions

Once you have found Maude Eccles, she will offer you a series of bounty hunting missions. Complete these missions to earn the Stone Hatchet as a reward.

1. Accept the Bounty Hunting Missions

Talk to Maude Eccles and accept her bounty hunting missions. She will assign you targets that you need to find and capture or eliminate. The missions will generally involve locating and engaging with specific NPCs within the game world.

2. Track and Capture/Eliminate the Targets

Follow the mission markers to track down the targets assigned by Maude Eccles. Use your skills and in-game resources to either capture them alive or eliminate them, depending on the mission requirements. Successfully completing these missions will earn you rewards and progress towards getting the Stone Hatchet.

Step 3: Unlock and Wield the Stone Hatchet

After successfully finishing the bounty hunting missions assigned by Maude Eccles, you will receive a notification indicating that the Stone Hatchet is now available.

1. Check Your In-Game Email

Check your in-game email or interact with a notification on your screen to access and equip the Stone Hatchet. You should see a message congratulating you on completing the challenge and rewarding you with the weapon.

2. Find the Stone Hatchet in Your Weapon Inventory

Now, open your weapon inventory by accessing the game menu. Look for the Stone Hatchet amongst your available weapons. It should be located in the melee weapons section.

3. Wield and Enjoy the Stone Hatchet

Select the Stone Hatchet from your inventory and equip it as your active melee weapon. Now you are ready to unleash the power ...

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