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How to Get a Mod Menu for GTA 5 on Xbox 360


In this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining a mod menu for GTA 5 on Xbox 360. Mod menus provide players with additional features and customization options, enhancing their gaming experience. Please note that using mod menus may violate the terms of service of the game and can result in consequences such as being banned from online play. Proceed with caution and consider using mods only in single-player or private sessions.


Before installing a mod menu, make sure you have the following:

  • An Xbox 360 console
  • A copy of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360
  • A USB flash drive with at least 1GB of storage
  • A computer with internet access

Step 1: Prepare Your USB Drive

  1. Connect your USB flash drive to your computer.
  2. Format the USB drive to FAT32 file system.
  3. Create a new folder on the USB drive and name it "Xbox360."
  4. Inside the "Xbox360" folder, create another folder called "Content."
  5. Within the "Content" folder, create a new folder named "0000000000000000" (16 zeros).

Step 2: Download and Extract the Mod Menu Files

  1. Search for a reputable website that offers GTA 5 mod menus for Xbox 360.
  2. Download the mod menu files from the website.
  3. Extract the downloaded files into a new folder on your computer.

Step 3: Injecting the Mod Menu

  1. Copy all the extracted files from the mod menu folder onto the USB drive's "0000000000000000" folder.
  2. Safely eject the USB drive from your computer.
  3. Insert the USB drive into your Xbox 360 console.
  4. Power on the console and navigate to the "System Settings" menu.
  5. Within the "System Settings" menu, select "Storage" and then choose your USB drive as the storage device.
  6. Locate the GTA 5 game files and select the ones you want to replace with the modded files from the USB drive.
  7. Delete the original selected files and replace them with the modded files.
  8. Eject the USB drive from the console.

Step 4: Launching the Mod Menu

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