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Will a universal power cord work on PS4?

The GameStop Universal AC Power Cord is a great replacement for when your other cords are damaged or missing. The 6ft power cord grants users enough flexibility for placement and it's color blends in for a discreet look. The power cable is compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One S, Xbox one X, and Xbox Series X.

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What power cable do I need for PS4?

Figure 8 AC Power Cable, W-Direct, IEC C7 Mains Power Lead, Universal UK Plug Power Cord Compatible with PS4, Xbox One S/X, LED LCD Smart TV Monitor, Pixma, Printer (3 Pin, 0.6Meters)

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Can I use any power cable for my power supply?

Though the cable-ends that connect to the components in your build are standardized, the end that connects to the PSU isn't, meaning different brands could have different connections. That's why you should only use the cables that came with your power supply.

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Can I use any power cord for PS4 Pro?

1 Answer. No, the PS4 has multiple different power supplies (different connectors) depending on it's model (CUH-xxxxx) and additonally, the PS4 Pro uses a completely different power supply meaning you won't be able to use any non-Pro PS4 ones on the PS4-Pro.

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Can you buy a new power cord for PS4?

Brand new power cable to suit Playstation 4 (PS4) consoles. Ideal if you have lost or damaged your original power cable. Connects from the wall power outlet, into the back of the PS4 console. Compatible with all Playstation 4 console models.

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Will Gamestop take PS4 without power cord?

Unfortunately Gamestop doesn't take consoles without specific items. Gamestop won't take consoles without a functioning controller, all of the power cords, HDMI cable, and with the PlayStation they need the micro USB Cable aswell. Without the controller, you'd have to purchase one to go with it.

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What voltage is the PS4 charging cable?


Dual USB Ports - Power through the micro USB port from either the PS4 console or PC or AC adapter (5V/1A).

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Do cables matter for power supply?

ALL of the wire and connectors can and do affect the performance of the component's power supply.”

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What happens if you use the wrong power supply cable?

Using a DC supply with a device expecting AC may cause damage to the device, it may do nothing (depending on the input circuit of the device, or if the device uses a transformer input power circuit, it may damage the power supply itself).

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Does a 3 prong power cord work with a PS4 Pro?

Use for PS4 Pro and Other Devices

Featuring a grounded, male plug that connects to any standard 3-prong outlet, this cord offers a basic universal design that's dynamically useful.

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