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Who is the bad guy in GTA 3?


By release order, Catalina is the first antagonist of the Grand Theft Auto 3D Universe. Chronologically, however, Catalina is the final antagonist of the 3D Universe. Catalina, alongside Dimitri Rascalov, are the only main antagonists that they will betray their allies to gain more power.

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How evil is Claude GTA 3?

Claude is the only Grand Theft Auto protagonist to be Faux Affably Evil, due to his cruelty and betrayal. All other protagonist are Affably Evil.

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Why did Catalina betray Claude?

Catalina suddenly betrays and shoots Claude, leaving him behind. She has been offered a leadership position in the Colombian drug cartel, and feels that she no longer needs Claude. He has outlived his usefulness.

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Who killed Claude from GTA 3?

What happened to Claude after the events of GTA III is completely unknown. Rockstar Games' official response in 2011, however, was that "He certainly isn't dead. What else became of him, we don't know".

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Who is the hero in GTA 3?

Claude Speed

GTA 3's Main Character's Name Is Claude Speed

The protagonist of GTA 3 is named Claude. This was first revealed during his cameo in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by Catalina (his girlfriend who later betrays him during the intro of GTA 3) who reveals they are dating after breaking up with CJ.

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Why does Claude not talk?

So we decided that the game's protagonist would not talk, partly to aid people identifying with him, but mostly because we had so many other problems to solve and this did not seem like a major issue.

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Was CJ scared of Claude?

In III, he always gives a bit of an exaggerated bow in all of the Kenji Kasen missions in the game. He also visibly shows enjoyment when he sees that CJ is intimidated by him in San Andreas.

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Is Maria killed in the end of GTA 3?

By the end of GTA 3, Claude saves Maria from a hostage situation. However, when the final cut-scene fades to black, a gunshot is heard. Nobody knows what truly happened, and it could go either way.

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Was Catalina in love with CJ?

In the first cutscene of Farewell, My Love..., Catalina revealed she meant she loves Carl when she said "just business". She also said dating Claude was only business in The Exchange.

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Who is Catalina's boyfriend in GTA?

In GTA: San Andreas she runs off with her new boyfriend Claude to start a new life in Liberty City. In GTA3 we learn that Catalina betrays Claude during a bank robbery, leaving him for dead on the streets, and being righteously killed by him at the end of the game.

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