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Which doomsday heist gives the most?

The Diamond Casino Heist payout is by far the highest in GTA Online. The rewards for the mission add up to $10.34 million on normal difficulty, and it can go up to $11.37 million, if the heist is on hard difficulty.

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How much does each doomsday heist pay?

2) The Doomsday Heist - $2,250,000

It involves completing Prep Jobs in Free Mode to unlock Setup missions and ultimately culminates in a final heist that can be completed with 2-4 players. The heist has a setup cost of $25,000 and a potential take of $1,800,000 on Normal difficulty and $2,250,000 on Hard difficulty.

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Which heist has the highest payout?

Diamond Casino Heist

1. Diamond Casino Heist - $10 million. The Diamond Casino Heist is the most profitable but also the most demanding heist in GTA V as it requires at least two players and meticulous planning. To carry out this heist, players need to purchase an Arcade from Lester through the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.

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How much does Act 3 of Doomsday Heist pay?

In the Doomsday Heist Act 3, there are 6 preps, 5 setups and the finale. The payout for the heist is $1,800,000 - $2,250,000 depending on the difficulty level. This is the payout that you will have to split between the players.

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How do you get max payout in doomsday heist?

Criminal Mastermind IV – Complete all Doomsday Heist missions in order, with the same team of 4 players, on Hard difficulty, without losing any lives to receive a massive GTA$3,750,000 cash bonus.

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Is Doomsday Heist 2x money?

Players who complete the Doomsday Scenario Finale will be given double the money and RP. If they complete all three acts of the Doomsday Heist, Rockstar will reward them with a bonus of $500,000. Below are the three acts from GTA Online's Doomsday Heist: Act I: The Data Breach.

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How much money does Bogdan give you?

The Bogdan Problem has a setup cost of $95,000, and can pay: $950,000 (normal) $1,187,500 (hard)

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What is the hardest heist in GTA 5?

The Doomsday heist

The Doomsday heist is the longest and most difficult set of missions to beat in GTA Online, and there are actually three separate finales each with a different setup cost and potential take. All three of the Doomsday heists require at least two players, but they're much easier with four.

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Which heist is the easiest?

The Fleeca Job is the easiest entry-level bank heist in GTA Online. It is also the only heist in the game that requires a duo: one to be the driller and the other to be the driver and take hostages.

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Is Doomsday Act 3 hard?

This finale is the most difficult out of all the other missions you've done so far in this Act. It's also much harder than the finales of Act 1 and 2. Be sure to buy the maximum number of snacks and armor you can.

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