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What to do after finishing Genshin Impact?

Heading East. The biggest, and pretty much only, piece of endgame content currently in Genshin Impact is the Spiral Abyss. This special dungeon is a type of Abyssal Domain that changes twice a month. It is first unlocked at Adventure Rank 20, and can be found on Musk Reef in the far east of the map.

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Where is Raiden Shogun after Archon quest?

Walkthrough. Head to the Statue of the Omnipotent God and talk to Thoma. Go to Grand Narukami Shrine and talk to Yae Miko. Go see Raiden Shogun at Tenshukaku.

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How many times will you fight Raiden Shogun?

The Raiden Shogun new boss fight is similar to Azhdaha, Tartaglia, and La Signora's boss fight– players will be able to fight the boss as many times as they want, but they will only be able to get rewards for it once a week.

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Do you fight Signora or Raiden first?

Before you face off against the Raiden Shogun, you'll first need to eliminate La Signora.

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Has anyone completed Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact 3.0 was released at the end of August, but Reddit user Tigerpawz68 has confirmed that they completed 100% of the Sumeru content including the hidden quests and Aranara with an image of their map.

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What level should my characters be at AR 40?

Right now i have level seven right here this is plus three from the um. From the constellation. But this is a level seven one as well and then this is level six.

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What is the longest Archon quest?

A chart reveals the length of each Archon Chapter in Genshin Impact, with the newest region, Sumeru, taking approximately 14 hours to complete. The Kalpa Flame Rises was the by far the longest act in the game as it takes players around 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete.

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Who is the next Archon after Baal?

Baal and Beelzebul are the twin Electro archons of Inazuma. Baal perished during the archon war, and Beelzebul or commonly known as Raiden Shogun continues to rule over the Inazuma.

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How to get Raiden Shogun for free?

To unlock the new Raiden Shogun weekly boss, you need to do the following:

  1. Be at least Adventure Rank 40 or higher.
  2. Complete the Archon Quest “Chapter 2: Act 3 — Omnipresence Over Mortals.”
  3. Complete the Raiden Shogun story quest “Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act 2 — Transient Dreams.”

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How old is Raiden Shogun?

3 Raiden Shogun, Around 3000 Years Old

Additionally, the game mentions that the Inazuma Archon, Ei, is several thousand years old, implying that she is older than Venti.

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