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What happens to Minecraft account if Microsoft account is deleted?

If you deleted your Microsoft account, you will lose access to your Minecraft account and will not be able to recover your previous Minecraft purchase.

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Is it OK to delete Microsoft account?

Deleting your Microsoft account will result in the permanent deletion of all your associated data and services, including email. If you want to stop using your Microsoft account but still want to access your email, you can set up email forwarding in your email settings.

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Does deleting Microsoft account delete data?

If you remove a user profile account, all personal files in that account will be deleted. You can find and backup your personal data in C:Users folder\ Your user profile name before removing it. But, if your account is linked to OneDrive, your files will remain as they are.

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Do creating a Microsoft account on Minecraft delete your worlds?

All the information in your Mojang account will transfer to your Microsoft account, including your in-game Java profile name, worlds, and content.

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Is Minecraft tied to Microsoft account?

Microsoft Account

When logging into the game or the site you use a Microsoft login. When you make your purchase, you will be prompted to link a Microsoft account. You can then select a Minecraft Java profile name and log into the game using your Microsoft credentials.

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How long does Microsoft keep deleted accounts?

Your account might be closed or deleted

You might not be able to sign into your account because it's closed or deleted. You closed your account If you closed your Microsoft account, you have 60 days from that closure to sign in and reopen it. After that 60 days, your account and data expire.

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How long until a Microsoft account is deleted?

After 60 days, your Microsoft account will be permanently deleted. See How to close your Microsoft account for more info. Go to and sign in.

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Does deleting your Microsoft account delete my Xbox account?

If you choose to permanently delete your Microsoft account, you'll also delete your Xbox profile. If you're trying to have a personal account and a game-only account, which is ideal, it's best to leave the one that's already on Xbox just to play and create another personal account to use normally.

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Can you change Microsoft account without losing everything?

If you change Microsoft Accounts on that user profile, all files stored on your PC will not be affected, if you have files stored on OneDrive online, they would not be accessible from the new Microsoft Account.

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Is closing a Microsoft account the same as deleting?

When you close your Microsoft account, you delete your account information like your ID, password, and contacts. All emails will be deleted, and your account is going to be deactivated.

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