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What happened to C9W?

After two seasons of unquestioned dominance, the C9W roster was disbanded. This decision was made by mutual agreement between the players: they were offered a contract renewal, but preferred to look for new opportunities.

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Why did Cloud 9 drop Yay?

In a viral announcement video, Cloud9's CEO Jack Etienne and head coach Matthew Elmore spoke about yay's departure and offered an explanation to fans who have been confused about the situation. The player is now a free agent as Cloud9 takes a step back and works to mitigate the team's persistent "role issues."

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What country is Cloud 9 from?


Cloud9 Esports, Inc., or simply Cloud9 (C9), is an American professional esports company based in Santa Monica, California.

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Where did C9 White go?

C9 White VALORANT dynasty disbands ahead of 2023 Game Changers season. Take a bow, legends. After almost two years of near unquestionable dominance of the VCT Game Changers scene, one of the great VALORANT dynasties is officially disbanding with Cloud9 White splitting up.

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Is C9 Bob a girl?

Bob talks about her Game Changers experience

Most of the comments were directed mainly at Bob, who is a transwoman. After seeing the hurtful comments, many prominent Valorant personalities and players voiced their frustration and lent support to Bob.

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Is Cloud9 discontinued?

Attention, shoppers: Cloud 9 is closing its doors for good. NBC recently announced that season six of the beloved sitcom Superstore will be its last.

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Is the girl in Cloud9 mute?

She came to the Fire and Ice competition with Pia and Kayla's mom. She is hoping the Hot Doggers will win. She is mute and that is why she texts Pia everything she wants to say, but we can only infer this.

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How old is cloud nine?

The Temptations' soulful staple, “Cloud Nine,” released on October 25, 1968, is much celebrated as the first Motown song to win a Grammy. It's also a revered exemplar of the group's fruitful relationship with producer Norman Whitfield and his co-writer Barrett Strong.

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What does C9 stand for?

The C9 in Overwatch is a term to describe when a team abandons the payload or leaves the objective point unattended. Typically during overtime and either on offense or defense.

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Who left C9 white?


Former SquadFormer Squad
IDNameLeave Date
Bob( Bob Tran )Leave Date: 2022-12-20
meL( Melanie Capone )Leave Date: 2022-12-20
katsumi( Katja Pfahnl )Leave Date: 2022-12-20

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