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What happened to Agent 47?

47 continued to work as a contract killer for the ICA for some time. He was eventually ambushed by the police during a contract in Paris, which left him in a near-death state on his hotel room during which he had hallucinations of previous contracts, including several from Codename 47.

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How old is Agent 47 currently?

The answer has been right there all along, but it's still proven to be pretty surprising to some fans. “According to the wiki he [was] born on September 5 1964 meaning he is 57 years old,” replied Kodekingen.

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Who can defeat Agent 47?

In terms of feats, Snake is just too far ahead as he's battled supernatural level foes and A.I. that count as weapons of destruction. This blend of chaotic and stealth experience makes him more capable than 47, and Snake should come away with the win after 47's unable to get a reading on him.

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Does Agent 47 not age?

He's genetically modified to age slower than the average human being. He was designed to withhold the body of a healthy 30ish year old. 47's five fathers appear young even in their late 60's from the same treatment used in cloning. To exaggerate this, Pablo Ochoa looks like a zombie in his concept art.

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Why is Agent 47 bald?

Unfortunately, the team working on the game couldn't get it to look quite right. “They couldn't achieve hair that looked good enough in game,” Rowe explains. "After a few days of experimenting, they just decided he was going to be bald.”

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Why does Agent 47 have a barcode on his head?

Agent 47's tattoo is scanned and lets him through security checkpoints inside the facility where he was made. It's not a necessary feature or piece of equipment to use in the field; instead, it's purely indicative of Agent 47's backstory.

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What is Agent 47s fake name?

Throughout the series, 47 has gone by many different aliases, including Tobias Rieper, Metzger, Flech Fisher, Lord Sinclair, Doctor Cropes, Jacob Leiter, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Byrd and Ben Franklin. One of his aliases, Ben Franklin, is a reference to Benjamin Franklin, "The First American".

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Is there a female Agent 47?

Once Katia awakens, 47 explains to her that she is an Agent, designed by her father to be better than even 47 himself (he explains that her name "Katia van Dees" is an homophone for her real name, "Quatre-vingt-dix"; which is French for "90").

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Who is Agent 47 best friend?

Lucas Gray

HITMAN 2018 series, it is revealed that 47 has have been reunited with his long-lost best friend and fellow enhanced clone/brother, Subject 6, also known as the Shadow Client or Lucas Gray.

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Who betrays Agent 47?


Hitman 3 Ending: Diana Betrays Agent 47

Diana then betrays Agent 47, disabling him and allowing him to be captured by The Constant's team.

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