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Is there a company worth $1 trillion dollars?

There are only six companies with a trillion-dollar valuation—and five of them are tech firms. Apple is trailed directly by computing giant Microsoft Corp. ($2.5 trillion), which was briefly the world's most valuable company in 2021 amid severe strains on the global supply chain.

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What is the world's first $1 trillion dollar company?

How PetroChina Became World's First $1 Trillion Market Cap Company. PetroChina, which was China's biggest oil and gas company at the time of its IPO, became the world's first company to hit a market cap of $1 trillion in November 2007.

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Who has reached $1 trillion dollars?

Nvidia is the first chip maker to hit the trillion-dollar milestone

CompanyMilestone dateCurrent market cap
Apple8/2/2018$2.8 trillion
Microsoft4/30/2019$2.5 trillion
Amazon2/4/2020$1.2 trillion
Alphabet7/22/2020$1.6 trillion

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How many companies have a $1 trillion dollar valuation?

As of June 2023, there are currently five trillion dollar companies on the planet, with other companies touching the valuation, but have since fallen back into the billions. Apple surpassed its trillion dollar valuation in 2018, and is now the largest technology company by revenue.

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Which company hit $3 trillion dollars?


Apple just made history by becoming the first company with a $3 trillion market value—'and its lock on the consumer is only getting stronger'

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What are the 3 trillion-dollar companies?

Apple is nearly $500 billion more valuable than the next-largest company, Microsoft ($2.5 trillion market cap), while Saudi Aramco ($2.1 trillion), Alphabet ($1.5 trillion), Amazon ($1.3 trillion) and Nvidia ($1 trillion) round out the exclusive trillion-dollar club.

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Does $100 trillion dollars exist?

The Zimbabwean Reserve Bank printed different variants of the 100 Trillion note, each with the same Chiremba balancing rocks on the obverse. Rare, uncirculated variants of Zimbabwe banknotes still exist.

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What is bigger than 999 trillion dollars?

Of course trillion is not the biggest number. There's quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, decillion and more.

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What are the 4 trillion-dollar companies?

  • Apple - Trillion-Dollar Companies in the World.
  • Microsoft - Trillion-Dollar Companies in the World.
  • Alphabet - Trillion-Dollar Companies in the World.
  • Amazon - Trillion-Dollar Companies in the World.
  • Saudi Aramco - Trillion-Dollar Companies in the World.

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Is Apple really worth $3 trillion?

The release was the most significant product launch by the iconic iPhone maker since it unveiled the Apple Watch in 2015. Apple's stock ended trading Friday valued at $3 trillion, the only company ever to reach that milestone.

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