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How old is Ash in XY series?

10 Years Old

Ash is Only 10 Years Old (in Pokemon's Official Timeline)

The anime does occasionally give markers of the passage of time, however.

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How old was Ash during XYZ?

If the 10 months and 10 days refer to Delia's pregnancy, the anime begins when Ash is on his 10 year lifespawn, and so at the end of XYZ he's 15 years old and a half (almost 16).

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How old is Ash in every series?

10 years old

If Ash had aged properly over the course of the series, he would be almost a full-fledged adult by the time of the Aim to Be a Master miniseries. However, despite the passing of time in the anime, Ash officially remains 10 years old. Ash Ketchum of the Pokémon anime is canonically 10 years old.

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How old was Ash when he started his journey?

Now Ash began his journey at exactly 10 years, 10 months, and 10 days old as confirmed in the novelization of the show, making him almost 11 at that time (Also fun fact I found that since it's said trainers get their Pokemon in April of their 10th year, assuming that Ash began on April 1st, that would make his birthday ...

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Is Ash forever 10 years old?

Even ignoring the time prior to that arc, Ash should have aged two years at the very least; however, somehow still 10 years old, he goes on to face adventure after adventure, while never actually getting any older.

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Who is Ash Ketchum wife?

But there are a few female characters who have shown interest in Ash throughout the course of the anime with Serena coming to closest with a kiss in the last episode of the X Y & Z series. But the bottom line is Ash is not married and thus has no wife.

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Who kissed Ash in XYZ?

Serena confirmed to have kissed Ash in XY&Z 47.

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What is the oldest Ash has been?

This age has been confirmed in almost every iteration of the Pokémon anime, and no matter which series he's in, Ash is always 10 years old.

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What is the oldest Ash?

Age. Ash may live for 350 years, although 200 may be more typical on many sites. Ash are ancient from 225 years onwards, although many have ancient characteristics from around 175 years. Typically a veteran ash is 100-200 years of age and a notable ash may be 75-150 years old.

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How old would Ash Ketchum be in 2023?

36 years old

Summary of how old is ash ketchum 2023

Theoretical Age (2023)36 years old
Age as per Pokémon Journeys10 years old
Years Ash has been in the Pokémon SeriesOver 25 years
New Direction of Pokémon“Pokémon Horizons” without Ash

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