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How many people betrayed CJ?

Four people who betrayed CJ in GTA San Andreas

The 'Green Sabre' mission revealed who Big Smoke really is, and it is still one of the most unexpected plot twists from GTA.

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Why did BS betray CJ?

However, keeping all speculation aside, the storyline of GTA San Andreas suggests that Big Smoke's betrayal was fuelled by his ambition to become Los Santos's biggest drug kingpin. He became a treacherous and greedy man since he believed that Los Santos was his city and, once he died, everybody would remember his name.

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Was Ryder meant to betray CJ?

Theory: Ryder wasn't supposed to betray his gang. Big Smoke was meant to be the only traitor, but Rockstar Games changed their mind. They probably wanted Ryder to die in that shootout with the police.

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Who was the traitor in GTA San Andreas?

Big Smoke

Big Smoke became a treacherous, arrogant, ambitious, selfish, delusional, dangerous, and greedy man who believed Los Santos was his city and, once he died, all would remember his name. In truth, he was just a pawn who was used by Tenpenny to take down gangs from Los Santos.

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What did Tenpenny do to CJ?

After a gang fight with the Ballas which ended with Sweet being shot, Tenpenny arrests CJ and takes him into the mountains. From that point on, he orders him to murder or arrest anyone who would try to expose his evil deeds or he will have Sweet be put in a Ballas cell block, where he would be raped and killed.

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Why Ryder never betray Grove Street?

because it shows that he wants to be a valued gang member who in the eyes of his friends is considered a trustworthy partner and a person who was able to do a lot of good for his organization to confirm this let's take a look at a few missions where ryder's dedication to his gang is clearly visible.

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Why did CJ work with Tenpenny?

Tenpenny and his associates warn Carl early on that they intend to frame him for the murder of police officer Ralph Pendlebury, whom C.R.A.S.H. had killed to prevent him from exposing their illegal activities. They also force Carl to do work for them in exchange for his and his family's safety.

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What were Big Smoke's last words?

I just see the opportunity. When I'm gone, everyone gonna remember my name... Big Smoke! Note: Smoke has been shot to death by Carl Johnson, and says this line before dying when asked by Carl why he turned his back on the Grove Street Families.

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Did Ryder join the Ballas?

Ryder is a high-ranking member of the Grove Street Families who later joined forces with the Ballas, Vagos and C.R.A.S.H.. Ryder is a drug user, something known by both Sweet and Carl, and he can usually be seen with or searching for his 'water', which is in fact PCP mixed with cannabis.

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Why does Ryder betray you?

ryder was involved in the murder of CJ's mum. He also wanted to leave the high life just like big smoke .

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