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How many Kraken kills per hour?

You can get up to 90 kills per hour with maximum efficiency. The Kraken can only be killed on a Slayer task.

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Is Kraken a good Slayer task?

The Kraken can only be fought while on a slayer task for Krakens or a boss task for the Kraken. The Kraken is an extremely popular boss due to it's relative ease and the fact that the Kraken drops Kraken tentacles and the Trident of the Seas, both are very highly in demand, especially by Ironmen.

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Is Kraken worth doing Ironman?

It's generally not recommended to kill cave krakens as they have very poor drops that will not cover the cost of runes, and the boss is significantly easier with a more generous drop table. However, an exception can be made for ironmen players due to their more common uncharged trident drop.

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How much loot do you get from killing the Kraken?

Defeat 1 kraken to earn the Kraken Hunter commendation and earn 10 doubloons. Defeat 5 kraken to earn the Master Kraken Hunter commendation and earn 20 doubloons. Defeat 10 kraken to earn the Legendary Kraken Hunter commendation and earn 50 doubloons.

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What loot does the Kraken drop?

In addition to 1 piece of Kraken meat, Kraken tentacles will drop 1-2 of virtually any treasure other items (e.g. Treasure Chests, Artefacts, Bounty Skulls, Mermaid Gems, Trade Good Crates or a Message in a Bottle) with the exception of a Chest of Legends or Box of Wondrous Secrets.

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What is the Kraken weak to?

Kraken's weakness is lightning. If you set up a weapon with a lightning attribute as a special effect or a mage-derived job, you can effectively damage it.

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What is the most profitable Slayer?

Old School RuneScape: 15 Most Profitable Slayer Monsters

  • 8 Basilisk Knight.
  • 7 Hydra.
  • 6 Abyssal Demon.
  • 5 Brutal Black Dragon.
  • 4 Kurasks.
  • 3 Gargoyle.
  • 2 Skeletal Wyvern.
  • 1 Greater Nechryael.

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What are the weaknesses of the Kraken?

Weaknesses. Water Deprivation: Like other aquatic animals, it can't stay alive on land for long.

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What is the hardest Ironman course?

The toughest Ironman-distance triathlons ever

  • Patagonman, Chile. ...
  • Challenge Wanaka, New Zealand. ...
  • Stone Brixia Man, Italy. ...
  • Embrunman, France. ...
  • Ironman Wales, Pembrokeshire. ...
  • Ironman Lanzarote, Canary Islands. ...
  • Blacklake, Montenegro. ...
  • Norseman Xtreme, Norway.

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What do you get if you beat the Kraken?

You get a piece of treasure every time you defeat one of the Kraken's many tentacles. So, in reality, you only have to beat one tentacle to earn a reward. With each tentacle you conquer, you get Kraken meat and some treasure; it's a win-win. It can be risky if you stick around for a while to beat more tentacles.

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