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How do I change my covenant and keep renown?

Changing covenants depends on if you have earned the achievement Renowned on your account by reaching Renown 80 with any covenant. If you have completed Renowned you will be able to re-join a previous covenant by speaking to the covenant emissary in Oribos and confirming you want to change covenants.

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Is renown shared between covenants?

Renown is earned separately for each covenant but reaching 80 in any covenant allows you to freely swap covenants and buy an account-bound item to raise your renown with a covenant to 40 and greatly shorten the catchup.

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Does switching covenants reset progress?

Then any covenant you have with 80 renown, you can switch to that without losing anything relevant to character progression.

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What do you lose when switching Covenants 9.1 5?

What Happens when you Swap Covenants?

  • Back to Renown 1.
  • Back to Chapter 1 of the 9.0 Covenant campaign.
  • Covenant buildings reset.
  • Only the first Soulbind unlocked.
  • All your deposited Reservoir Anima stays with your Covenant.
  • You will have no Mission Table followers.

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How do you change the covenant in Shadowlands without losing renown?

Players can freely swap between Covenants after reaching Renown 80 with any character in their account. The achievement Renowned is required to unlock free switches. These switches have no restrictions; you can switch back and forth as many times as you want. This includes rejoining Covenants you've belonged to before.

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What is the max renown in covenant?

80 Renown

You can earn Renown with your chosen Covenant only if you are not at max Renown. The max possible Renown increases incrementally each week until you are at 80 Renown. Renown can be earned through the two weekly quests, Replenish the Reservoir and Shaping Fate, as well as with certain Campaign quests.

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Do you keep 80 renown when switching covenants?

If you get a covenant to 80 renown it will stay if you switch. You don't ever lose renown levels when swapping covenants.

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What happens when you join another covenant?

In fact, there's no penalty at all ever unless you've actually donated anything to the Covenant. Meaning if you join the Chaos Witch covenant and then join another without offering any Humanity, there's no penalty.

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What is the penalty for switching covenants in wow?

Yes. you can switch whenever without any punishment. you only need renown 80 and completed the storyline once if you want to skip to soulbinds in said covenant with a new character. If no punishment means losing all your renown and covenant features like portals, mission table etc then yes you can!

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Does Renown carry over to Alts?

Renown does not carry over between seasonal alts.

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