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Can Reddit mods ban people?

As a moderator, you can ban redditors from your community to prevent them from posting or commenting in your community for a set period of time. Bans can be permanent or they can be temporary.

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Can Reddit mods ban you from Reddit?

Yes. You can ban people for any reason in your subreddits. No rule against that. There's even handy bots to detect if a user has posted in a sub you don't like, and ban them.

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Can Reddit mods kick other mods?

Removal by other mods

Moderators with full permissions in your community who are above you in the mod list have the ability to remove you as a moderator. Moderators below you in the list do not have the ability to remove you as a moderator without admin intervention.

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How do I ban someone from a subreddit?

Banning a User

To do so, go to your subreddit, then select "Moderation tools" on desktop or mobile. Select "Banned users" from "User Management". This will open up the list of users currently banned from the Reddit. Select "Add".

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How do Reddit mods detect ban evasion?

So how does Reddit detect ban evasion? Reddit has a tool called AutoModerator – along with similar community-generated tools – that can be configured to detect and block content and users that violate Reddit's rules. Subreddit moderators can also report ban evasion on Reddit to site administrators.

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Can Reddit mods see your IP?

Subreddit mods can't see IP addresses, but the overall Reddit admins can, which they use to enforce the site-wide rules. In theory, they'd have no reason to look at your IPs unless one of your accounts got reported for something that subreddit mods can't handle.

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Is Reddit ban evasion illegal?

Both are a violation of our site-wide rules and could result in a Reddit-wide suspension. Subreddit Ban Evasion: It is up to subreddit moderators to decide who participates on their subreddit, so even if you disagree with the reason for your ban you should not attempt to evade it.

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What can kick moderators do?

Adding moderators to your channel will enable that user to perform the following: Remove chat messages. Ban users. Unban chat users.

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What is subreddit ban evasion?

Ban evasion is an attempt by an individual to circumvent disciplinary restrictions placed on an online account. Someone attempting to do this may create a new account with similar ID credentials, use a previously-created account to continue the purpose of the banned account, or take over someone else's account. ‍

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Why did a subreddit ban me?

Content Policy Violations. If your account is responsible for a Content Policy violation, you can be banned from a particular subreddit or have your account suspended across the entire site. A subreddit ban will prevent you from posting content, although you'll still be able to see what others are posting.

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