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Can I play F1 in GT7?

Conclusion. So as you can see it's possible to race F1 style cars in GT7 by downloading custom F1 liveries and adding them to your Superformula car. Make sure that you spend some time practicing in the game and you'll soon be able to compete with the best drivers out there.

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Can you get F1 cars in Gran Turismo Sport?

It's pretty simple to get the F1 cars, but it is expensive. You can buy the Gran Turismo F1500T-A from the Gran Turismo section of Brand Central for 1,000,000 Credits. GROUP 1: These cars are some true demons, but can they outpace an F1 car?

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Where can I buy McLaren F1 in Gran Turismo 7?

the Legend Cars dealership

How to Get Every Car in Gran Turismo 7

Make and ModelHow to Acquire
BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car '97Available at the Legend Cars dealership for 9,500,000 Credits.
BMW VGTAvailable for 1,000,000 Credits from the BMW showroom at Brand Central.
BMW Z4 GT3 '11Available for 450,000 Credits from the BMW showroom at Brand Central.

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What is the fastest car in GT7?

The Dodge SRT Tomahawk X Vision Gran Turismo is not just the fastest car in Gran Turismo 7 but by a very significant margin. The ultimate version of FCA's (now Stellantis) concept car, the Tomahawk X VGT makes an insanely incredible 2,586 horsepower with 943 lb-ft of torque.

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How to buy F1 car in GT7?

Official F1 cars aren't in Gran Turismo 7, but you can still race with an F1 car in Gran Turismo 7. You can download the real Formula 1 liveries for each team, and apply them to the Super Formula car which is very close to a real Formula 1 car. It's true, the official Formula 1 cars aren't included in Gran Turismo 7.

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Is Gran Turismo better than F1 23?

But despite all pixels, it's fair to say F1 23 still doesn't look as polished as something like Gran Turismo 7 or Forza Motorsport, for example. Like so many other F1 games, F1 23's graphics are competitive but slightly out of touch from the competition; F1 fans, think of Alpine in 2023 and you're pretty much there.

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Can you buy an F1 race car?

On relevant platforms such as, F1 cars are already appearing for around $119,300 (£100,000 British pounds). Of course, you can't expect to buy a car that has actually raced, but at best a show car that more or less matches the original.

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What games have F1 cars?


  • F1 2021. July 16, 2021. PC. XONE. ...
  • F1 2020. July 6, 2020. PC. XONE. ...
  • F1 2019. June 28, 2019. PC. XONE. ...
  • F1 2018. August 24, 2018. PC. XONE. ...
  • Gran Turismo Sport. October 17, 2017. PS4. ...
  • F1 2017. August 25, 2017. MAC. ...
  • F1 2016. August 16, 2016. PC. ...
  • F1 2015. July 10, 2015. PC.

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What F1 cars are in Gran Turismo?

You can now drive the achingly gorgeous Honda RA272 F1 car in Gran Turismo. It's safe to say that F1 has produced some deliriously pretty machinery. The Ferrari 641, McLaren MP4/4, Brabham BT52, Lotus 49... all worthy of wall art.

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What's the most expensive car in GT7?

Gran Turismo 7: The 10 Most Expensive Cars (& Where to Buy Them)

  1. 1 Ford Mark IV Race Car '67 (4.6 Million Credits)
  2. 2 Lamborghini Venono '14 (3.64 Million Credits) ...
  3. 3 Ferrari FXX K '14 (3.6 Million Credits) ...
  4. 4 McLaren P1 GTR '16 (3.6 Million Credits) ...
  5. 5 Ferrari F50 '95 (3.3 Million Credits) ...

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