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Can I just buy Minecraft: Java Edition?

You can buy Minecraft: Java Edition (through the Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition bundle) from for $29.99 USD or local currency equivalent.

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How do you buy Minecraft with a Java gift card?

If you have purchased a Minecraft: Java Edition prepaid card at a retail store, you can redeem your code by visiting and clicking REDEEM JAVA EDITION. You will be prompted to log in or create a Microsoft account. Once this is complete you can redeem your code and finish setting up your Minecraft profile.

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How to buy Minecraft: Java Edition 2023?

And here we are or alternatively you could just go and type Straight into the URL bar. Then. Once you're on the Minecraft. Website.

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How to download Minecraft: Java Edition without buying?

Here's how it works:

  1. Much like the Bedrock edition, head to the official Minecraft website (visit). ...
  2. On the next page, scroll down to access the Java Edition free trial. ...
  3. Once you have installed the Minecraft trial version on your PC and power up the game, you will see the “Play Demo World” option.

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Does a Microsoft gift card work for Minecraft Java?

I understand you have a question about buying the Minecraft game. That is actually the new Minecraft right now with Microsoft in which you will get both Java and Bedrock version. Yes, you can buy it using Microsoft currency or gift card. Was this reply helpful?

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Why can't I buy Minecraft with a gift card?

Check for typos to make sure you entered all information accurately and as it appears on your gift card. Try again in an hour or two to rule out a temporary server outage. Return it to the store that you purchased it from and ask their customer service to activate the card.

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Why can't I buy Minecraft?

If you still receive the “an error occurred while placing order Minecraft” message, you can try using another web browser such as Microsoft Edge and Firefox, and make sure the browser is updated to the latest version. Besides, you can try purchasing the game on another device or using a different payment method.

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Where can I purchase Minecraft for PC?

There are two official places to buy Minecraft on PC:

  • The Minecraft website.
  • The Microsoft store.
  • (Console players: buy through your platform's usual digital store.)

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How do I install Minecraft Java only?

To play Minecraft: Java Edition, download and install the correct launcher for your operating system. Sign into the Launcher using your Microsoft account, and you will be able to run Java Edition.

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How much does Minecraft cost?


Minecraft is also available on mobile devices for $6.99 on both iOS and Android.

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