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Can I just bet on both teams?

The answer is … … yes, but it depends on the circumstances. Betting on both teams (also called arbitrage betting or middling) can result in the bettor making a profit — regardless of the outcome — by placing one bet per each outcome (and with different betting companies).

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Can you bet on both teams to win on Betway?

Betway BTTS rules

In the classic BTTS market, you get to choose from two options. Your bet will come in if you choose "Yes" and both teams score in a match, regardless of the number of goals netted or the outcome of the game.

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How do I place a bet for both teams to score?

A BTTS bet is one of the easiest to place. Most bookmakers will have coupons in shops and online that have BTTS on them – it's as simple as marking or clicking on yes or no. All bets are on 90 minutes only in cup games.

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Can you bet on both sides on Bet 365?

bet365 doesn't allow you to bet on both sides to guarantee a victory. For example, you cannot bet $10 on Tennessee and Florida.

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Can you bet the spread and moneyline?

While you can bet on the moneyline and spread of the same game, it might not make sense to do so. Going back to the Colts/Texans example, let's assume you bet the Colts both spread (-8, -110) and moneyline (-375). A $10 bet on each of those would have net -$7.33.

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Can you place two bets on one game?

With multiple betting, you can combine several bets into one wager, which can increase your potential payout if all of the bets are successful. For example, you can place a bet on the winner of a football match, as well as the total number of goals scored, and the first goal scorer.

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How do you bet both teams to score in soccer?

The rules of the BTTS market are pretty simple.

Bettors win if both teams score at least one goal each, regardless of the outcome of the match. Additionally, if one team fails to score, you lose your bet, and if the match ends in a goalless draw, you also lose your bet.

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Which league has both teams to score?

Best Leagues for BTTS (Both Teams to Score)

#LeagueBTTS Matches/Total Matches
1.England Premier League 2136/200
2.Germany Verbandsliga133/200
3.England Development League 2131/200
4.USA USL League Two130/200

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Can you bet for both teams in a sports bet?

How Arbitrage and Betting the Middle Works. Betting the middle involves taking both sides of a two-way bet. For instance, if you were betting on a football game between the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals, you'd bet on both teams to win, each at different sportsbooks that are offering different betting odds.

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Can you bet on both sides on Fanduel?

A double-sided wager is where you choose one event combined with the team that you predict to win in one singular bet. Combining these bets creates higher odds, and a higher potential payout if you win!

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