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Are the Krieg good?

They make an awesome kill team, but they're also useful in Warhammer 40,000, whether you want to field them as line infantry or a veteran squad in your Astra Militarum army.

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How strong is Krieg Borderlands 2?

Krieg is a late growth beast. He becomes more dangerous as he gains levels, as everyone, but once you get around level 50 or so, he becomes an absolute monster, and things go more out of control as he gets stronger.

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Why did Krieg go insane?

Krieg's character was experimented on by Hyperion and became a psycho as a direct result of those experiments. he was not a psycho all of his life and at SOME POINT HAD A FAMILY. He was a hired gun who did tasks for the highest bidder.

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What does Krieg suffer from?

Krieg suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). He argues with himself in some of his quotes, and he has a quieter 'inner voice' which occasionally tells him what to do or comments on his surroundings. The dominant personality appears to be his violent side.

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Why do Krieg wear gas masks?

The obvious answer for the gas mask itself is that Krieg is inhospitable and toxic from the civil war and the gas mask is synonymous to the identity (or lack thereof) of the korp.

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What do orks think of the Death Korps of Krieg?

Orks find humanity confusing, and respect the Emperor but are baffled as to why such a powerful warrior doesn't raise those who follow him into an endless cycle of birth war and death as they do, but the Death Korps of Krieg (in my quick reading of their lore on this wiki) seem to be almost identical to the Orks ...

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Who is the most op in Borderlands 2?

What are the most op characters in order?

  • Salvador, op because of inconceivable and money shot. ...
  • Gaige, op because if anarchy with slayer of terra class mod. ...
  • Maya, the ability to crowd control and save you bee and melt with the sandhawk. ...
  • Zero, Zero is great to kill mod enemies and deal tuns of damage.

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Who is the most powerful character in Borderlands 2?

In Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, Salvadore is pretty much the "most powerful" due to the extreme synergies (read: unbalance) of his skills. Some people do feel Kreig the Psycho is the "most powerful" though due to his ability to pretty much become invincible with the right person playing him.

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Who defeated Krieg?


They were later defeated by Luffy and Sanji in battle. Don Krieg himself relied on weaponry, believing with enough weapons one can win through anything, a mistake that cost him and his crew victory.

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Did Krieg love Maya?

Going into the DLC, fans were expecting it to show how Krieg handled Maya's death. Indeed, ever since Borderlands 2, it's been clear that the even the psycho part of Krieg has loved the "pretty lady," but what ensues in the Borderlands 3 DLC might as well ignore her death.

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