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Are the god cards still banned?

While the original prints were Illegal, Konami made rereleases of these Egyptian God cards that are actually playable and are completely legal to play in tournaments (and they lack the "This card cannot be used in a Duel" text).

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Are god cards tournament legal?

If a card is not on the Forbidden/Limited list, and the card does not have the text "This card cannot be used in a Duel" printed on it (as is the case with a few novelty cards, like the legendary collection 1 god cards) then the card is legal.

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Who owns the Egyptian god cards?

Yugi Mutou

By the end of the following season, all three god cards, including Slifer the Sky Dragon and The Winged Dragon of Ra, would eventually come to be owned by Yugi Mutou. At the end of the original anime series, the god cards are returned to Ancient Egypt, but their legacy lives on in Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Is Obelisk the Tormentor banned?

The Original Obelisk is the one that you can't use it in official duels, so technically not legal. As you can see there is no effect printed on the card but just some text describing the monster itself. Moreover, the TEXT at the bottom of the card states the it can't be used in a duel.

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Are the Egyptian god cards even good?

The 'Egyptian God' cards are majorly distinctive and incredibly powerful. These cards were crafted by Maximillion Pegasus who also created the duel monsters game, and he based them on the three Ancient Egypt divine beasts that are very much related to the Millennium Puzzle.

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What are forbidden one cards?

Exodia the Forbidden One is a monster that is made up of five separate cards. The Left Leg, Right Leg, Right Arm, Left Arm and, finally, an effect monster actually named Exodia the Forbidden One.

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Can the Egyptian god cards be used in tournaments?

Although the original Egyptian god cards are unusable in an official duel, Obelisk the Tormentor has been released as an effect monster, with an effect identical to the one it possesses in the video games. It is the first and currently the only tournament playable DIVINE monster.

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Are fake Pokemon cards allowed in tournaments?

The market is overflowing with them and counterfeit cards are being seized all over the world. Unfortunately, these cards are not worth anything and are also illegal to use in tournaments, making them a huge waste of cash.

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Are Egyptian god cards good?

These monsters were shown to be nearly unbeatable in the show and manga, with a physical presence that was unmatched by other cards. They weren't just holograms: playing with or against the Egyptian God Cards meant contending with an actual ancient spirit with nearly-unmatched power.

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What is the most powerful Egyptian god card?

The Winged Dragon Of Ra

Considered to be the most powerful of all of the Egyptian God cards, The Winged Dragon Of Ra being summoned makes for some epic moments in the anime. The attack and defense points for it are made up of the total of the three cards you tribute for it.

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