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Are Medjay and Magi the same?

The etymology of each is compeltely different. Medjay originally refered to the people from Medja (in Egypt). Magi sources back to Ancient Persia and refers to the priests of Zoroaster.

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What race is Bayek?

Bayek, similar to how native Egyptian populations in the game appear, has dark hair and dark skin, which is in stark contrast to the Greeks he encounters in gameplay. His skin color coupled with his distinctly Egyptian and Medjay clothing is racially coded as “different” to that of Greeks as well.

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Is Bayek the founder of the Brotherhood?

Alongside his wife Aya, he is the co-founder of the Hidden Ones, the precursor organization to the fictional Assassin Brotherhood which is inspired by the real-life Order of Assassins.

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Which God does Bayek worship?

Horus had a temple in Letopolis dedicated to him and his worship. Bayek visited this temple during 48 BCE and found a papyrus puzzle. His insignia, the Eye of Horus, was used by the Medjay as a mark of office.

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What are the 4 Magi names?

The current magi of the era are Yunan, Titus, Judar, and Aladdin. Traditionally, there have been three magi throughout time. Aladdin is an unusual case, being the fourth magi. In legends around the world, magi are known as figures that appear during crucial junctures in history and direct the flow of countless lives.

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What mythology is Magi?

Magi (/ˈmeɪdʒaɪ/; singular magus /ˈmeɪɡəs/; from Latin magus, cf. Persian: مغ pronounced [moɣ]) are priests in Zoroastrianism and the earlier religions of the western Iranians. The earliest known use of the word magi is in the trilingual inscription written by Darius the Great, known as the Behistun Inscription.

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Is Kassandra an ancestor of Bayek?

7 Kassandra Is Ancestor For The Whole Creed

After her partner was killed, though, Kassandra entrusted her son, Elpidios, into the care of his grandfather, who took him to Egypt. It is then revealed that one of Kassandra's further descendants is Amunet, wife of Bayek, who founded the Assassin's Creed.

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Is Bayek descended from Kassandra?

Bayek, Alexios, and Kassandra are all related, however Layla isn't related to them.

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Who is the oldest Magi?


Melchior was often referred to as the oldest member of the Magi. He was traditionally called the King of Persia and brought the gift of gold to Jesus. In the Western Christian church, he is regarded as a saint (as are the other two Magi).

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Who is the most powerful Magi?

Magi: The 10 Most Powerful King Vessels, Ranked

  • 2 KOUEN REN.
  • 1 SINBAD.

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